A few beginning of summer notes…

Leo fees will be placed on your accounts today. It is a $200 fee, which includes an exhibition leo (used for when we do things like halftime shows and can be worn for practice) and the competition leo (much fancier, not to be worn for practice). The $200 will be run on June 15 using the card you have on file. If you would like to pay for it another way, please contact the front desk via email (gymnastics@wildcard-gymnastics.com) to let us know. This MUST be done before June 15.

Tomorrow, June 10, there will be no practice. The summer schedule begins next week. If you have questions about which days and times your athlete is to attend practice, please email us and we can help you out.

Remember, if you intend for your athlete to stay between practices during the summer schedule, you need to register on the website for that as it includes an additional charge. Your athlete is expected to BRING A LUNCH. Kids do tend to also bring a pillow of some sort and blanket as they often do nap between practices.

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