SUMMER Girls Team Schedule
Starts June 13
FT Purple4:30-7:309-noon *4:30-7:309-noon*
2 Purple4:30-7:009-noon*4:30-7:309-noon*9-noon
44:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
54:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
6/74:30-7:30**9-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
8-104:30-7:30**9-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
OPEN GYM 12-2 p.m.
* 9-noon – HIGHLY encouraged for FT and Level 2s!
** Possible Morning practice TBA
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