Memorial Day Parade – updated info

The Elm Grove Memorial Day Parade is this Monday! All teams and pre-teams should plan on participating if they can. (GB2 & FT and Boys- that’s you!)

GIRLS – 4th of July tank sets; red/white/blue leotard, or exhibition leo

BOYS – Wear a Wildcard t-shirt and shorts.

ALL GYMNASTS need to be wearing tennis shoes and stretchy gloves. (The cheap kind of gloves you can buy in the winter and sold year round at Dollar Tree!)  Your child should bring a FROZEN disposable water bottle and no other extra items as they will not be able to carry a bag and we will not have room for it. Be sure to wear sunscreen!! In the past it has been a hot day and there is a lot of waiting around.

Parents and older siblings may join us in the parade but they MUST be wearing a Wildcard shirt. (Available in the pro-shop) If you are in the parade you will be put to work.

DROP OFF time is 8:45am-9:15am (streets will close shortly after and you will be unable to get through)

All drop offs before the parade will be at Elm Grove Park. You must drive North to South on Legion Drive. There are two drop off locations. The first is at the footbridge off of Legion and Elmhurst. There will be a large “DROP OFF HERE” sign with volunteers to help direct you to your staging area. There is no parking or prolonged stopping near the footbridge. The second location is at the flag pole outside of the town hall building. Please access this location through the main park entrance off of Legion. Only vehicles participating in the parade will be allowed to drive past the flag pole. All other vehicles will be directed to exit on Juneau.

We are in the Blue area. We will have a shade tent. Look for us there. If you are sending a child in alone from foot bridge- text Amy at 414-303-5195. We will have someone meet them and walk them to our spot.

The Parade starts at 10:30am and Wildcard is usually near the end of it. The 1.2 mile parade route will begin at the Village Park and end at Wall Street off of Elm Grove Road (Behind Sendiks). We recommend parking and sitting near the end of the route so it’s easier for you to get your child. Pickup is at BMO Harris – Please be prompt.

No practice Monday night.

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