Memorial Day Parade Details

Parade Attire: Tennis shoes with socks, (ideally, black) stretchy winter gloves to protect hands from the road, and Fourth of July Apparel. We know not everyone has the Tank and Shorts set- some sizes are avaiable in our pro shop, otherwise, we also have Patriotic themed leotards available.

Parade Date: Monday, May 30, 2022 

Parade Start Time: 10:30 am 

Reporting Time: 8:45 am -9:15 am – Streets will close beginning at 9:15 and you will be unable to get through  after that time. 

Reporting Location: Elm Grove Village Park, 13600 Juneau Blvd, Elm Grove, WI 53122 

Drop off Locations: All drop offs before the parade will be at Elm Grove Park. All acts & participants must  arrive at the park on Legion Drive from the north. Vehicles will not be able to enter the park from Juneau Blvd.  There are two drop  off locations at the park. 

The first location is at the footbridge located at the intersection of Legion and Elmhurst. There will be a  large “DROP OFF HERE” sign and Junior Guild Volunteers in neon safety vests to help direct you or  your child to the appropriate staging area. This is a great place to drop off young parade participants! There is NO PARKING or PROLONGED STOPPING near the footbridge.  

The second location is at the flagpole outside of the Village Hall building. Please access this location  through the main park entrance off of Legion. Only vehicles participating in the parade will be allowed  to drive past the flagpole. All other vehicles will be asked to drop off their parade participants and then  be directed to exit the Village Hall parking lot and head westbound on Juneau.

Parking: As in previous years, the 1.2 mile parade route will begin at Elm Grove Park and end at the  intersection of Elm Grove Road & Wall Street. Parking is available at Saint Mary’s Visitation and Tonawanda Elementary School. 

Weather: Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and have rain gear, sunscreen, comfy shoes,  water bottles etc. Parade participants will be waiting in the parade staging area prior to the parade start. Please  come prepared! If there’s inclement weather, we will update the Elm Grove Junior Guild Facebook &  Instagram accounts with cancellation information. We will also attempt to contact local media outlets. 

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