Additional Parade Info

Please refer to the previous post for the initial info. We will be in the Orange Area #50.

Due to safety concerns and traffic flow issues, we encourage participants to utilize the DROP-OFF AREA in the front (south) drive of the high school.  PLEASE ESCORT YOUNGER CHILDREN to take them to their line-up area.  You will NOT be allowed to drop off participants in the line-up area in the school’s back (north) parking lot.Otherwise, we ask that you park your car elsewhere and then escort your participant to their designated line-up area.

The parade will begin at Brookfield Central High School located at 169th and Gebhardt Rd., travel west on Gebhardt Rd. to Calhoun Rd., then north on Calhoun to North Ave., and west on North Ave. to Norhardt, south on Norhardt –  approximately 1.25 miles.  Parade Route

Staging Area

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No Team in Between Camp 6/28 & 6/30

There will be no Team in Between 6/28 and 6/30 due to AAU Nationals. There will be NO coach staying in between, please make alternative arrangements. If you are registered for the whole summer, I will issue you TWO open gym passes.

Good Luck to all competing at Nationals. ALL practices will continue to run at this time! Don’t forget about the parade on 7/4. No practice Monday evening! Happy 4th!

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Brookfield 4th of July Parade – 7/4 9:15 a.m.

  • Brookfield 4th of July parade – ALL TEAMs (Gold Bugs, Fast Track, Boys & Girls)
    • We are still waiting for our line-up number. Staging is in the Brookfield Central High School.  More details will be added as soon as we receive the information.  Please drop your child off between 9-915am at the staging area.
    • The parade begins at 10 a.m. and will travel west on Gebhardt Rd. to Calhoun Rd., then north on Calhoun to North Ave., and West on North Ave. to Norhardt, then south on Norhardt. The parade route is approximately 1.5 miles long.  We will pull off at the end of the block on Norhardt and then head towards Yo Mama’s for pick up. It’s a pretty short route!
  • We will need about 4-6 parents/older siblings (in Wildcard Gear) to help with the banner, brochures and passing out water.  Please sign up at the front desk. Thursday, July 4th there is no practice.   We will practice 7/5.
  • Gymnasts – please freeze a squeezable water bottle half full and fill up the remainder with water in the morning.  Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!  And deck yourselves out in patriotic head wear! Wear your Wildcard 4th of July tanks & shorts (or black shorts). Otherwise girls should have on red/white/blue leotards or an old exhibition leotard. Boys – please wear you Wildcard shirts with black shorts. Don’t forget tennis shoes and socks AND your gloves for tumbling (those little stretchy magic gloves). You can order some from Amazon!
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Keep an eye on your email…

I am currently notifying/ inviting all team to renew or get their USAG membership. This is necessary to register for meets so we need it done asap (we will be registering as soon as registration becomes available for each meet).

FAST TRACK- please notice that you are getting the email invite but DO NOT need to complete the registration until you are told that your athlete is ready to compete.

Watch for the email to come from USA GYMNASTICS

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Competition & Exhibition Leotards

It has come to my attention that these never got posted! So Sorry! Here are the 2022-2023 long sleeve competition leotard and the exhibition/practice leotard.

All competing gymnasts should have had the charge posted to their accounts. Fast Track gymnasts will need to purchase these soon. They are on a 2 year rotation with warm-ups – so this year we are purchasing new long sleeve leotards and next year new warm-ups. We wear them for two years, thus anyone who is competing in Fall or Winter or even next year, will need to purchase these.

Competition leos are not to be worn except for competition or exclusive shows. Exhibition leotards are worn for various performances and we are hoping to do a spirit day on Mondays and Fridays and they may wear Wildcard leotards or tanks/shorts on those days.

Long Sleeve Competition Leotard
Short Sleeve Exhibition Leotard

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Compulsory Levels 2-5 Girls Team – Meet Fees & Competitions

Wildcard  Levels 2-5 Fall 2022 Meet Schedule

  • September 17-18 Scamps – Kenosha
  • October 8-9   Midwest Twisters-Oak Creek
  • October 15-16 Infinite Brown Deer
  • October 22-23 Precision – Oshkosh
  • November 5-6 WCGC – Elkhorn
  • November 12-13  Gymfinity – Fitchburg  (pick up meet if needed) 
  • November 19-20  Altius – Franklin
  • December 3-4  Level 2-5 State Meet*  (not included in meet fees)

+ 3 AAU meets in order to compete at AAU State/Nationals – these will be an additional fee

     AAU Schedule to be determined  (typical cost per AAU meet is about $75-$100)

******Meet fees: $850 total (does not include USAG State or AAU Competitions)

3 installments due:  $284 – JULY , $284- AUG, $282 – SEPT

Meet fees are non-refundable (exception may be a partial refund for injury or Covid – depending on the competition requirements).  Gymnasts are signed up for all meets – but let us know ahead of time if you know there is a meet you will not be able to attend! 

  • Competing Gymnasts will be sent a notification for USA Gymnastics to register for membership.  This must be paid and registered in order for the gymnast to show up on our Wildcard roster.  Please do this as soon as we send out the notice.  This will be no later 6/25.  
  • We will charge AAU memberships later – once the schedule is in place. Please watch for a google doc sign-up for AAU meets. 
  • FAST TRACK GYMNASTS – depending on how ready you are by the end of summer, we may compete in the Fall or possibly wait until the January season.  Your meet fees will be determined closer to the Fall season.   Most likely, your installments will begin in August.  If you think your gymnast is going to be ready, you are welcome to start paying towards meet fees sooner!  
  • Optional gymnasts – your meet fees will start in October. 3 installments: Oct, Nov, Dec. – Schedule to be determined. Approximate cost $1200 total.

Summer Schedule – please try to get your gymnast to as many practices as possible! Particularly mornings! We have more equipment and space available to us in the mornings, so these practices tend to be very efficient and productive. If you are going to be gone, please notify the coaches or the front desk so we can keep track of how many coaches we will need during the week. You can text Amy directly at 414-303-5195 to let her know if your gymnast is not attending practice. **Fridays are supposed to be mandatory practices for Levels 3 and up!! Please make every effort to attend. There is Open Gym after Friday practice – cost is $10 for Team members. Open Gym runs from 12-2 p.m. It is open to the public – so invite your friends and family. $15 for non-team members.

AAU Nationals starts 6/28 – we will keep you updated regarding any practice changes. We still plan to hold practice 6/28 AM and PM and July 1st. July 4th there is NO practice but we are participating in the Brookfield 4th of July Parade. Info will be coming soon! Please try to have your gymnast represent Wildcard. We did get in new 4th of July tank top and shorts sets – in smaller sizes – available at the front desk for $50. We need several parents to walk with us and help with waters, brochures and the banner. Please see Amy or Kate to let them know if you will be walking with us. Parents – you must have a Wildcard shirt!

Competition Leotards/short sleeve exhibition leotards will be run on 6/15. Fast Track and Gold Bugs – you are highly recommended to purchase BOTH of these! We size them for 2 years – so your gymnast will have them and be ready for competition. There will be limited extras available.

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A few beginning of summer notes…

Leo fees will be placed on your accounts today. It is a $200 fee, which includes an exhibition leo (used for when we do things like halftime shows and can be worn for practice) and the competition leo (much fancier, not to be worn for practice). The $200 will be run on June 15 using the card you have on file. If you would like to pay for it another way, please contact the front desk via email ( to let us know. This MUST be done before June 15.

Tomorrow, June 10, there will be no practice. The summer schedule begins next week. If you have questions about which days and times your athlete is to attend practice, please email us and we can help you out.

Remember, if you intend for your athlete to stay between practices during the summer schedule, you need to register on the website for that as it includes an additional charge. Your athlete is expected to BRING A LUNCH. Kids do tend to also bring a pillow of some sort and blanket as they often do nap between practices.

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SUMMER Girls Team Schedule
Starts June 13
FT Purple4:30-7:309-noon *4:30-7:309-noon*
2 Purple4:30-7:009-noon*4:30-7:309-noon*9-noon
44:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
54:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
6/74:30-7:30**9-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
8-104:30-7:30**9-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon & 4:30-7:309-noon
OPEN GYM 12-2 p.m.
* 9-noon – HIGHLY encouraged for FT and Level 2s!
** Possible Morning practice TBA
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Memorial Day Parade – updated info

The Elm Grove Memorial Day Parade is this Monday! All teams and pre-teams should plan on participating if they can. (GB2 & FT and Boys- that’s you!)

GIRLS – 4th of July tank sets; red/white/blue leotard, or exhibition leo

BOYS – Wear a Wildcard t-shirt and shorts.

ALL GYMNASTS need to be wearing tennis shoes and stretchy gloves. (The cheap kind of gloves you can buy in the winter and sold year round at Dollar Tree!)  Your child should bring a FROZEN disposable water bottle and no other extra items as they will not be able to carry a bag and we will not have room for it. Be sure to wear sunscreen!! In the past it has been a hot day and there is a lot of waiting around.

Parents and older siblings may join us in the parade but they MUST be wearing a Wildcard shirt. (Available in the pro-shop) If you are in the parade you will be put to work.

DROP OFF time is 8:45am-9:15am (streets will close shortly after and you will be unable to get through)

All drop offs before the parade will be at Elm Grove Park. You must drive North to South on Legion Drive. There are two drop off locations. The first is at the footbridge off of Legion and Elmhurst. There will be a large “DROP OFF HERE” sign with volunteers to help direct you to your staging area. There is no parking or prolonged stopping near the footbridge. The second location is at the flag pole outside of the town hall building. Please access this location through the main park entrance off of Legion. Only vehicles participating in the parade will be allowed to drive past the flag pole. All other vehicles will be directed to exit on Juneau.

We are in the Blue area. We will have a shade tent. Look for us there. If you are sending a child in alone from foot bridge- text Amy at 414-303-5195. We will have someone meet them and walk them to our spot.

The Parade starts at 10:30am and Wildcard is usually near the end of it. The 1.2 mile parade route will begin at the Village Park and end at Wall Street off of Elm Grove Road (Behind Sendiks). We recommend parking and sitting near the end of the route so it’s easier for you to get your child. Pickup is at BMO Harris – Please be prompt.

No practice Monday night.

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Memorial Day Parade Details

Parade Attire: Tennis shoes with socks, (ideally, black) stretchy winter gloves to protect hands from the road, and Fourth of July Apparel. We know not everyone has the Tank and Shorts set- some sizes are avaiable in our pro shop, otherwise, we also have Patriotic themed leotards available.

Parade Date: Monday, May 30, 2022 

Parade Start Time: 10:30 am 

Reporting Time: 8:45 am -9:15 am – Streets will close beginning at 9:15 and you will be unable to get through  after that time. 

Reporting Location: Elm Grove Village Park, 13600 Juneau Blvd, Elm Grove, WI 53122 

Drop off Locations: All drop offs before the parade will be at Elm Grove Park. All acts & participants must  arrive at the park on Legion Drive from the north. Vehicles will not be able to enter the park from Juneau Blvd.  There are two drop  off locations at the park. 

The first location is at the footbridge located at the intersection of Legion and Elmhurst. There will be a  large “DROP OFF HERE” sign and Junior Guild Volunteers in neon safety vests to help direct you or  your child to the appropriate staging area. This is a great place to drop off young parade participants! There is NO PARKING or PROLONGED STOPPING near the footbridge.  

The second location is at the flagpole outside of the Village Hall building. Please access this location  through the main park entrance off of Legion. Only vehicles participating in the parade will be allowed  to drive past the flagpole. All other vehicles will be asked to drop off their parade participants and then  be directed to exit the Village Hall parking lot and head westbound on Juneau.

Parking: As in previous years, the 1.2 mile parade route will begin at Elm Grove Park and end at the  intersection of Elm Grove Road & Wall Street. Parking is available at Saint Mary’s Visitation and Tonawanda Elementary School. 

Weather: Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and have rain gear, sunscreen, comfy shoes,  water bottles etc. Parade participants will be waiting in the parade staging area prior to the parade start. Please  come prepared! If there’s inclement weather, we will update the Elm Grove Junior Guild Facebook &  Instagram accounts with cancellation information. We will also attempt to contact local media outlets. 

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