Easy Fundraising…

Flipgive.com is a team funding app that earns you cash for the things you’re already buying. With team and family favorites like Walmart, Esso™/Mobil™, Hotels.com, Nike and Under Armour all you have to do is continue to buy the things you need. You can earn cash for things like groceries, hotel stays, eating out, gas etc.

Just click on the link and start your fundraising for items you already buy and places you already go.

Dear Wildcard Parents, gymnasts, coaches,
Help us reach our fundraising goal by shopping through FlipGive!
We’re excited to earn funds through FlipGive to help us raise money for a inflatable pit. We can earn up to 25% when our teammates and supporters shop popular brands like Walmart, Nike, Under Armour, Buffalo Wild Wings and more.

Let’s work together to achieve our goal!
Shop. Get. Give.
To support our fundraising campaign:

  1. Visit https://www.flipgive.com/f/254901
  2. Click Shop Now or Donate
  3. If you choose to Shop Now, please select where you would like the cash back earnings will be contributed – our Team: Wildcard Gymnastics.To make things even easier, FlipGive gives us access to our own Fundraising Coach to help us every step of the way.

    With FlipGive we can reach our fundraising goal together.

    Thank you for your support,

    Amy Grining

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USAG Membership

In order to register for meets each gymnast must have a current USAG membership.  If you have not updated your membership it will expire 7/31.  Everyone should have received a reminder email to update their membership.  The following gymnast appear on the club roster with updated USAG memberships and will be registered for meets…

Bledsoe, Eriauna
Easley, Brooklyn
Kollm, Mackenzie
Kollm, Madeline
Moreno, Luciana
Reid, Coralyn
Russell, Zoe
Sanders, Kassidy
Vanderboom, Mya
Zimmerman, Alyssa

If you are not on the list please update your membership ASAP.  Failure to take care of this by 8/1 will result in your gymnast not being registered for the first 3 meets, with a refund on meet fees.  Please contact the gym if you have not received your USAG email.

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Back to School Meet/Badger State Games

Back to School Meet

All gymnasts who are planning to compete the fall season will automatically be entered in this meet August 3-4.  (Please let us know if you are unavailable to attend- fill out google doc below).  This meet fee is included in the meet fees that were previously posted.  For T/TH Fast Track or Optionals that are “picking up this meet” the cost is $60 for Levels 2-4.  (Optionals will have this included in their $150 for the two Home Meets).

Please let us know if you will not be able to attend, otherwise ALL gymnasts will be registered.  There are no refunds to meet fees for anyone not planning to attend.  We will need families to help out with concessions/timing/etc. Please plan to volunteer.  This is a great first meet opportunity so that gymnasts can see what they need to work on.  In addition, invite all your grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles to come and watch!!

Badger State Games

Badger State Games are being hosted at Wildcard on September 7-8. This is an extra meet and will be loads of fun. Wildcard usually does quite well at this meet. The cost is $75 for gymnasts to compete. Please fill out the google doc letting us know if you plan to compete. Payment for the meet is due August 10th. Gymnasts that aren’t paid for the meet or current on their accounts will not be registered.  We again, will need volunteers and family members to help out with sessions.  Please save the date, as all team members are supposed to help, even if they aren’t competing.

Please fill out the google doc to let us know about your attendance. If you already filled out the original form for the Back to School meet, please fill out this one too because it includes Badger State Games.


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Private Lessons

Private Lessons Link   – Tuesday thru Sunday

Please use the attached doc to write in your private lesson. (Do not change anyone else’s lesson!).  Only one lesson per time slot/coach. Please make your coach aware of the lesson after you sign up (text is fine). You must pay in cash before the lesson (directly to your coach), it cannot be put on your account.  Please arrive promptly! Cancellations without 24 hours notice will be charged the ½ the fee; no-shows will be charged the entire amount.  

Charges are:

Rae ($45)            Amy ($50)           Ally ($45)         Nadiya ($50)      Lindsey ($40)

414-807-2121     414-303-5195     414-607-0028   *By appt.             414-559-7252

*By appt.                                                                                                 *FT/L2 or L3 skills

(text or call)


This is a good opportunity to work on routines before the Turner meet,  learn routines and perfect skills before the Meet Season starts.  If your gymnast does not know their routine yet, please try to schedule a private lesson. 

Click here to schedule your private


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Meet fee Withdrawl

The first installment of Meet fees for this coming competition season (Fall) will be posted on the 10th and charged/withdrawn on the 24th.  

Meet Fees
Meet fees may be paid in full by July 24th or in four installments starting in July.
Level 2 (this includes M/W Fast Track) – $675 (4 installments of $168.75 each: July, Aug, Sept, Oct)
Level 3 – $725 (4 installments of $181.25 each: July, Aug, Sept, Oct)
Level 4 – $775 (4 installments of $193.75 each: July, Aug, Sept, Oct)

 Level 5-9 – $75 per meet (available meets for optionals are identified by **) We will be expecting that Levels 5-9 will be competing at the home meets.  The $150.00 charge for these two meets will be charged July 24th.  Should we decide to pick up any other Fall meets, we will let you know. 

Please be aware that Badger State Games will be hosted by Wildcard Gymnastics on September 7th and 8th.  This will be an awesome meet and another chance for gymnasts to gain some competitive experience before the official season starts.  Cost for this meet will be (approximately/TBD)  $65 look for the google doc to sign up.  Families will also be responsible for helping set-up, tear down, concessions, judges’ food, etc.  This is our chance to fundraise and show off how awesome Wildcard is – so please block that weekend to help.  Thanks!!! 

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Monthly Tuition Fees

Monthly Tuition Fees

In order to keep up with the cost of doing business, Monthly Team Tuition will increase as of August 1st.  All Fast Track / Pre-Team competing this fall will be moved to the new team level tab in September.  Below you will find new tuition fees by Level.  Please review the blog for Meet Fee Schedules.  Thank you to all our gymnasts and parents for being a part of the Wildcard Family.  Good luck as we move towards competition season.

___Girls Team                                       Boys Team___

L2          –> $210

L3          –> $230

L4          –> $250                                  L4   –>    $ 200

L5          –> $270                                  L5   –>    $ 220

L6          –> $290                                  L6   –>    $ 240

L7,8,9    –> $300

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Turner Meet info

Here’s the little bit of info I have for the Turner Meet.

Tuesday 7/23 (3 pm) and Wednesday 7/15 (9 am) is Check in at Fort Wayne Turners.
(I don’t know if I can check everyone in or if individuals need to). I am assuming individuals might need to since you will need to drop off your child’s CULTURAL COMPETITION art piece. Most of you (unless I talked to you already or you turned in your form), I registered your art piece as a drawing. It is supposed to be matted and framed?, ready to hang to display. Please attach the label I will give you and make sure you bring it with you. For those of you leaving on Thursday or Friday, I will see if Stephanie can bring our kids’ stuff back with her – otherwise, if anyone else is staying until Sat, you can pick up your projects (and the rest of ours lol) then.

Thursday, 7/25: Levels 3, 4, 5 at Northside High School
475 East State Bl Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Neveah, Melissa, Luci, Zari, Cami, Macie, Kyndal, Brooklyn, Jehonna, Maddie K, Eriauna, Mya G

Arrival 7:45 a.m.
Warm-ups start at 8:00 a.m.
Awards at 11:45 a.m ???

Thursday, 7/25:  “Xcel” (Level 2,6-9)
Kenzie, Jessa, Emily, Caelyr, Aaliyah, Sarah, Mya V

Arrive at 11:45 a.m.
Warm-ups start at Noon.
Awards at 4 pm?

7/25/19 Model Drill/Exhibition Routine
At Northside HS – 7:00 PM (Arrive 6:40 PM ?)

Friday, 7/26
We may go to cheer on Stephanie and other Eastside Turner Members at the all ages competition at 9:00 am at Northside HS. 12pm is the tumbling competition – I don’t think we have anyone entered.

2 pm is the Track and Field Competition for those that entered at Northside HS.
Not sure about the specific events/times. TBD.

*If your gymnast, entered a Dance: Solo, Duet or Group (Sarah/Emily/Aaliyah/Mya  and Jessa/KK), they will schedule those for us.

** I will let you know more info as I get it.

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