Carnaval Classic


We are exactly one month away from our first 2018 home meet – The Carnival Classic! For the Carnaval Classic your gymnast has a unique opportunity to compete twice in the same weekend.

Here is our tentative schedule:

Mon-Fri: Spirit Week – Watch for a blog post as it gets closer to find out what kind of fun things your gymnast can do to show their Wildcard Spirit!

Friday: Practice until 6:30 PM – Please plan to stay after practice to help us set up for the meet.

Saturday: MEET DAY!


7:45am-9:50PM – USAG Levels 1-3, XB

10:15am-12:40pm – USAG Level 4/5/XS/XG

1:15pm-3:30pm – Optionals

3:45pm-6:45pm – AAU Levels 1-3, XB

7:00pm-9:30pm – AAU Levels 4-Optionals

Sunday: Clean-up begins at 10:00am. If everyone shows up it should only take a few hours!



We have a limited number of carnival leo’s left for sale. They are $30 in the pro-shop.These leos are for fun and can be worn at the Carnaval Classic but are not required. The ‘Carnaval Classic’ Leos cannot be worn in any other meets.  If your child chooses not to wear it, then they should wear their long sleeve competition leotard. If they do not have a long sleeve leo the black Wildcard leo with the turquoise trim is fine.


Each family should plan on having at least one adult represent their family for set-up on Friday night AND take-down Sunday morning. Additionally, we would like each family to fill at least one spot on Saturday. If you would like to help out more than that feel free to sign up for more. There are several spots where gymnasts can help out too! Home meets are always fun to volunteer at!

If for some reason your family cannot help at all there is a $50 buy out option.  Please sign up before Friday, February 9th or your family will be assigned spots.

To sign-up just follow this link:


There will be a $25 buy in for  Team Gymnasts to cover the cost of concessions. ($40 for families with 1 or more gymnast) Wildcard does not collect Booster club fees like other clubs, however, we do collect small buy-in’s a few times a year for our home meets. The buy-in is due by Thursday, February 8th or your account will be run on the Friday, February 9th.


If you have any mardi gras beads that you no longer use please consider donating them to Wildcard. There will be a box at the front desk where we will collect them. Thank you in advance!

One final pre-meet reminder. If you are looking to kill time between now and the meet feel free to stop by the front desk to see if there are any projects you can help out with!




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Harley Girls Meet

HARLEY GIRLS 2018 – FEB 9,10,11

Wisconsin Center – 400 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI

Friday, 2/9/18: XG (Silver Gym)Lizzy, Mya, Vanesa
Arrive 6:15pm
Warm-up 6:30pm
March in 6:50pm
Awards 9:30pm

Saturday, 2/10/18: Levels 8 & 9 (Orange Gym)Aaliyah, Emily, Lilly, Sarah & Crystal
Arrive 11:15am
Warm-up 11:30am
March in 11:50am
Awards 2:30pm

Sunday, 2/11/18: XS (Silver Gym)Nahar, Natalia
Arrive 7:45am
Warm-up 8:00am
March in 8:20am
Awards 11:00am

Sunday, 2/11/18:  Level 7 (Orange Gym) -Taylor & KK
Arrive 2:45 p.m.
Warm-ups start at 3:00 p.m.
March in is at 3:30 p.m.
Awards are at 5:30 p.m.

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Boys Hal’s Harley Feb. 10th-11th

400 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Level 5 Sat. Feb 10th

ARRIVE-8:00am        Stretch- 8:15       Warm-Up-8:35

Begins -8:35               Awards 10:45

Atticus, Ryan, Toms

Level 4 Sunday Feb 11th 

ARRIVE-2:15pm        Stretch- 2:30       Warm-Up- 2:50

Begins -2:50               Awards 4:30

David, Amico, Kevin, Nolan, Ben

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Boys Vacation Classic Sun. Feb 4th

Wisconsin Dells Center
2100 River Rd Wisconsin Dells WI

Level 4 & 5

ARRIVE-7:40am        Stretch- 8:00am        Warm-Up-8:15

Begins -9:45 PM        Awards 11:05

David, Amico, Kevin, Nolan, Ben, Atticus, Ryan, Toms

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Boys Swiss Cup Jan. 27th – 28th

More Info at:

Swiss Turners Gymnastics Academy
2214 S. 116th Street
West Allis, WI 53227

Level 4 Saturday Jan 27th

ARRIVE-12:15, STRETCH-12:30  BEGINS-12:50, AWARDS-3:45 PM
David, Amico, Kevin, Nolan, Ben

Level 5 Sunday Jan 28th

Atticus, Ryan, Toms

Black socks, dressed and ready to stretch on time. Bring a sling bag with name on it to put pants/etc during floor and vault. If you did not get a black sling bag from me in December please ask for one.


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Last Call for AAU meet sign-up

If you have not signed up for AAU meets please do so as soon as possible as their deadlines are approaching. The first four meets we need registration for as soon as possible. Please fill out the google form by Thursday, January 11th. If you do not sign up by Thursday there may be late registration fees for some meets. (Some may not allow late registration). Payments are due in installments – see below.

Here is the link if you need to register –
copy and put in your browser or you can click on the link on the BLOG.

If your name is on this list then we have your name for the regular season meets:

* Carnaval –  Feb 17-18 @Wildcard ($75)
Brooklyn E., Maddie K., Zelia, Jayden M., Kassidy S., Hayden A., Uli O., Kate S., Zoe R., Brynn Z., Charlotte H., Brinley, Aramae, Caelyr, Emily G., Macie G., Antonia M., Jessa, Camille, Anna W.

*AMKM  –  March 17-18 @ Rockland, WI ($100)
Brooklyn E., Maddie K., Jayden M., Hayden A., Brynn Z., Charlotte H., Brinley, Caelyr, Emily G., Macie G., Jessa, Camille

Magic – April 7-8 @ Marshfield, WI ($100)
Brooklyn E., Jayden M., Kate S., Caelyr, Emily G., Macie G.

*Splish, Splash Carousel – April 14-15 @ Plover, WI ($100)
Maddie K., Jayden M., Hayden A., Uli O., Kate S., Zoe R., Brinley, Aramae, Caelyr, Emily G., Macie G., Jessa, Camille

MEET FEES: In addition to meet fees there is a $25 AAU registration fee. This is an annual fee. (Although gymnasts will be allowed to compete in the USAG session for the Carnaval Classic, the USAG registration fee will be charged in the fall – this applies to Fast Track/Gold Bugs 2).

Meet fee dealines:
Carnaval & AMKM & AAU $25 registration fee due Feb. 1st
Magic & Carousel due March 1st
State/Regionals/Nationals – date TBD.

Please remember that all Pre-team (Gold Bugs, Fast Track), Boys Team and Girls Team families are asked to help with the Carnaval Classic.  Please reserve the date to help.
Reminder:  Keep checking the blog for updates and changes.  On Facebook, we have added a “Team” page – search under Wildcard Team Parents – this is a great forum for talking with other team parents and being aware of what else is going on!

If you missed the blog post about warm-ups- the jackets were sent but in the wrong style and color – so we are speedily and diligently working with the company to fix the error.  We have done our best to communicate to all the parents and gymnasts, particularly at practices and via the blog.  Please understand, this is NOT Wildcard’s fault and we are just as upset as you are.  Frustrations aside, know that this WILL be fixed.  We will keep you posted on any updates.

Please email Amy if you have any other questions:

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Happy 2018…warm-up news…

Well, it’s a great start to 2018.  Thanks to all that rang in the New Year at the Overnight!  If you didn’t come, you are welcome to next year!  It was a lot of fun.

I’ve got quite a few sign ups for the upcoming meets.  We are doing a buy one/get one for the Wildcard Meet (If you register for the Carnaval Classic – we will allow your gymnast to compete BOTH the AAU session and the USAG session – yay for extra experience!)  So far, it looks as if it will all be hosted on Saturday with the USAG session first, then the AAU session in the afternoon (all pending judges’ approval).  If you haven’t signed up for the other AAU Meets  – please do so ASAP.  Only the payments for the first couple meets needs to be in by February.  I do not need payments for State/Regionals/Nationals yet!

Now the warm-up predicament:  Everything was re-ordered and the company just finished sending them again this past weekend, however, they over-corrected and they are TOO large.  I understand the frustration, because believe me, I am feeling it!  I have agreed to work with them one more time to figure this whole thing out and we will be receiving some sort of credit/incentive from the company.  They are a very small company and extremely upset that this happened in the first place and are embarrassed that when it was sent to their supplier, it was messed up again.  They are not out to sabotage us or cheat us at all.  They are doing what ever they can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

I am in communication with the company and will let everyone know as soon as I have further information.  No monies will be returned at this point because technically, the garments are in production and WE WILL be receiving what you ordered in the correct sizes.  The ones the kids have now are only to tide us over until we receive the corrected ones.  I have also been in contact with him about the pilling on the pants/tanks/shorts.  They are trying to figure out the best way to remedy that as well.  I have complete faith that this will all turn out for the best!
If you have further questions, let me know.


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