Parade Information for July 2 and July 4

West Allis Parade  – July 2nd, 3 p.m. start

Line up is at 77th and Greenfield.  Be there about 2:35 p.m.  The parade proceeds to 70th and Greenfield and South to Veterans Park. (We usually are at the end – so drop off around 77th and Washington or Walker).  There’s typically ice cream at the end of the parade and some fun kids’ stuff at Veterans Park.  Please meet by the playground equipment to retrieve your gymnast.    See post below about apparel – gymnasts should wear their new exhibition leotard.  Don’t’ forget gloves, tennis shoes, and a disposable water bottle.  We could use 3-4 parents that want to walk the parade and help out (carry the sign, etc).  Parents walking must wear a Wildcard shirt.


Tosa Parade – July 4th, 9 a.m. start

Parade runs west from 80th & North Ave to 104th Street.

Meet at Longfellow’s back parking lot at 8:20 a.m. to drop off your gymnast.  Otherwise you need to find us at our staging spot (TBD).  Pick up should be at the southwest Mayfair Parking Structure.  Please contact Amy 414-303-5195 or Ben 414-218-2022 if you have questions.

We will need 6 parents or older siblings to help with carrying the banner, passing out brochures and water to the gymnasts.  Gymnasts should wear their NEW exhibition leotard for all parades and exhibition events.  Boys can wear a Wildcard shirt and black shorts.  Don’t forget to wear socks and tennis shoes and bring a pair of stretchy/magic gloves so you can TUMBLE in the parade.  Parents MUST wear a Wildcard shirt to walk/ participate.  We should have some new shirts and tank tops available in the ProShop near the front desk.  Gymnasts – please freeze a squeezable water bottle half full and fill up the remainder with water in the morning.  Don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!  And deck yourselves out in patriotic head wear!


Butler Parade  –  July 4th, 2pm start

Meet at St. Agnes parking lot at 1:40 p.m.  March down Hampton to  127th and Arden Place and march down 127th north to Frontier Park.  Park festivities following the parade: DJ, live bands, family fun, food and more.  Fireworks at 9 p.m.  Again, please wear the new exhibition leotard for the parade with tennis shoes and socks.  Don’t forget gloves for tumbling. We will take 3-4 parents who would like to join us.  It’s a REALLY quick and fun parade!!!  Hope you can join us.

Since there is no practice July 1-4th  please make every effort to attend the parades.
Parents – please sign up to help carry/handout during the parade at the front desk.

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Independence Day Closings 7/1 – 7/4

There will be no practice Saturday, July 1st, Monday, July 3rd, and Tuesday, July 4th for the holiday. We do still expect team members to participate in the parades on Sunday, July 2nd and Tuesday, July 4th. Regular summer practice schedule will resume on Wednesday, July 5th.

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We are entering the time of year where we are beginning choreography for new routines for Optionals and Xcel. We can begin with choreography after Nationals. We have several coaches available to do choreography. It is important that coaches do the choreography as we will be sure that the gymnast has all of the necessary requirements. Your choreography coaches are Amy, Julia, Nadiya, and Rhea. Please check with your preferred coach for availability. Choreography is $200 for floor and beam routines. Please be sure to bring 2-3 music choices. The coach has the right to deny a music choice based on appropriateness.

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Yes, There is Practice

Although there are a few kids going to Nationals, practice days and times remain the same with the exception of T&T.  T&T will not have practice from Thursday, June 15th through Tuesday, June 27th.  Otherwise, all team practices remain the same.

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Nationals News

Hi Everyone! Nationals is fast approaching. The girls have been working very hard to prepare for the event! There are just a few things that I would like to share with you before your arrival into Kingsport.

All athletes must register before competing. It is highly recommended that they do so the day before their competition day.  Registration hours are as follows:

Wednesday, July 21st-12pm-6pm
Thursday, July 22nd-7am-4:30pm
Friday, July 23rd-7am-1:30pm
Saturday, July 24th-7am-4:30pm

Once you have registered your athlete, there is no need to register again. Just be sure that they have their credentials when they come the competition floor.

We will be participating in the Parade of Champions on Friday, June 23rd. It is free and will be held at Dobyns-Bennett High School Dome, 1 Tribe Way, Kingsport. There will be an official athlete march in (by district) and entertainment. Athletes are to line up in the lobby at 5:45pm. Let’s plan a meeting destination before heading there (meeting place to be determined later).

Last, but not least, we need a shoe box. We will decorate the shoe box and collect as much change as possible and donate it. The theme this is for Nationals is “Kids helping Kids”. You can start to donate your change now (although we don’t have our shoe box yet). Just drop your change in the water bottle marked “Kids Helping Kids” at the front desk.

Here is the layout of the venue.


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Sorry, No Badger State Games

Due to lack of interest, Wildcard will not be going to Badger State Games. Our apologies to anyone who may have wanted to attend. Thank you all for your understanding.

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Locker Rooms

We will be reassigning lockers this weekend. ALL girls must clean out their lockers by Friday, June 9th. All items including locks must be taken home. Any items found in the lockers after Friday will be put in the lost and found.

Also, please remind your gymnast that there is absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the locker room. If they must have food it must be eaten before or after practice. If they must have food during practice (which is highly discouraged), it must be kept in the cubbies inside the gym.

The girls will find their new locker assignments on Monday.

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