Sweet Treat Meet : Oct 6-7, 2018

Location: Midwest Twisters, 600 E. Rawson Ave, Oak Creek, WI 53154


Session 1 : All level 2s : Evie, Kali, Evelyn, Ja’Niya, Bailey, Lauren H., Charlie, Sarah, Corayln, Ellie, Kaitlin, Ameria, Ava, Sydnee, Magdelyn, Anna, Malia

Arrive: 12:45pm
Warmup/March In: 1:15pm
Awards: 2:10pm

Session 3 : All level 3s : Luna, Journie, Brooklyn, Mya, Macie, Melissa, Kamarrya, Kyndal, Maddie, Annika, Jayden, Nariah, Bella, Lauren S, Zari, Cailyn, Camille

Arrive: 5:05pm
Warmup/March In: 5:35pm
Awards: 7:40pm


Session 4: Journi, Brinley, Luciana, Kassidy, Jessa, Alyssa
Arrive: 8:45am
Warmup/March In: 9:20am
Awards: 11:20am

Session 5: Kira, Aramae, Nahar, Mya, Vanesa, Maeggan
Arrive: 12:00pm
Warmup/March In: 12:35pm
Awards: 3:15pm


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Level 2 Bar Clinic 4:30-7:30 Tuesday (9/25)

There will be a level 2 Bar clinic on Tuesday (9/25/18) from 4:30 – 7:30pm.  All level 2s including fast track are encouraged to attend.  Fast Track kids do not need to stay until 8:30 if they come to the clinic.

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CSA Fall Challenge Sept. 29 & 30

Location:  Keva Sports Center, 8312 Forsythia St., Middleton, WI 53562


Session 2:  All level 2s : Kaitlin, Ja’Niya, Lauren, Kali, Magdelyn, Ameira, Anna, Ava, Bailey, Charlie, Coralyn, Ellie, Evelyn, Evie, Malia, Sarah, Sydnee

Arrive: 11:15am
Warm up: 11:45am
March In: 12:23pm
Awards: 1:59pm

Session 3: Bella, Journie, Kyndal, Lauren, Melissa, Mya, Nariah, Ukee, Zari

Arrive: 2:00pm
Warm up: 2:30pm
March In: 3:28pm
Awards: 5:31pm

Session 4: Annika, Brooklyn, Cailyn, Camille, Jayden, Luna, Macie, Maddie

Arrive: 5:30pm
Warm up: 6:00pm
March In: 7:04pm
Awards: 9:21pm


Session 5: Alyssa, Brinley, Jessa, Journi, Kassidy, Luciana

Arrive: 8:00am
Warm up: 8:15am
March In: 9:37am
Awards: 12:12pm

Session 6: Aaliyah, Aramae, Caelyr, Emily, Kira, Maeggan, Mya, Nahar, Sarah, Vanesa

Arrive: 12:30pm
Warm up: 12:45pm
March In: 1:51pm
Awards: 4:14pm

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Wildcard Royale – Response Needed

On October 13-14 Wildcard will be hosting our fall home meet – The Wildcard Royale. This meet will be a USAG and AAU meet. If your child is competing they are already signed up for the USAG portion. If you would like your child to compete twice that weekend then we can also get her signed up for the AAU portion for an additional $25.

A few perks to AAU – they will be able to receive up to four medals and receive a free themed leo.  (Gymnasts competing USAG only will not be receiving a leo) Because we are ordering leos we will need to know who is competing ASAP!

Please fill out the form by clicking HERE and let us know if your child will or will not be competing AAU by Friday 9/14.

We will be discussing more aspects of this meet on Friday.


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Parent Meeting Friday 9/14/18

Parent meeting on Friday at 8:15pm to go over meet and hair etiquette.

Your child should only be coming to their scheduled practices unless it is to make up for a missed one.

No one should be leaving early on Friday.

Level 2s and Fast Track should not be staying for open gym because they compete early on 9/15/18.

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Strength & Conditioning Training

All are encouraged to join us for strength and conditioning training every Saturday (excluding 10/13) from 11-12:30pm.  The cost is $5 per gymnast.

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Super Girl Classic – Racine Gymnastics Meet

Super Girl Classic

Racine Gymnastics Center
2501 Golf Ave
Racine, WI 53404

Due to construction in the area please be sure to give yourself extra time to arrive. Additional parking is available at the business just north of RGC. Please do not park at the restaurant next door.


Arrive: 7:45am Warm-up: 8:00am March In: 8:15am Awards: 10:00am
Evie A, Kali, Evelyn B., Ja’Niya, Bailey, Lauren H., Charlie, Sarah J., Coralyn, Ellie, Kaitlin, Ameira, Ava, Sydnee, Magdelyn, Anna, Malia

Arrive: 10:25am Warm-up: 10:40am March In: 10:55am Awards: 1:30pm
Luna, JC, Brooklyn, Mya G., Macie, Melissa, Kamarrya, Kyndal, Maddie, Annika, Jayden, Nariah, Isabella, Lauren S., Zari, Cailyn, Camille

Arrive: 2:00pm Warm-up: 2:15pm March In: 2:30pm Awards: 5:30pm
Journi A, Brinley, Luci, Kassidy, Jessa, Alyssa

Arrive: 6:00pm Warm-up: 6:15pm March In: 6:30pm Awards: 8:45pm
Kira, Aramae, Nahar, Mya V., Vanesa, Maeggan

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