Wildcard will be closed on Monday, 9/3/18 in observance of Labor Day.  Enjoy your evening off.

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2018 Judges Pirates Cove Classic Meet Sept 15 and 16 @ Scamps Gymnastics


Location: Scamp’s Gymnastics, 5711 77th St, Kenosha, WI 53142

Saturday, Sept 15, 2018

Session 1: All Level 2s: Kali, Brandi, Malia, Ava S, Evie, Sydnee, Ameira, Evelyn, Charlotte, Kaitlin, Lauren, Sarah, Anna, Ellie, Magdelyn, Ja’Niya, Bailey, Coralyn
Arrive: 7:45 am
Stretch: 8:00am
March In: 8:15 am
Awards: 10:00 am

Session 3Macie, Brooklyn, Jayden, Luna, Cami, Lauren
Arrive: 12:00 pm
Stretch: 12:15 pm
March In: 12:30 pm
Awards: 2:45 pm

Session 4 Nariah, Journie C. , Mya G, Ukee (Kamarrya)
Arrive: 3:00 pm
Stretch: 3:15 pm
March In: 3:30 pm
Awards: 6:15 pm

Session 5Annika, Madeline K, Cailyn, Kyndal, Zari, Melissa, Isabella
Arrive: 6:30 pm
Stretch: 6:45pm
March In: 7:00 pm
Awards: 9:00 pm

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Session 6Aramae, Mya V
Arrive: 7:45 am
Stretch: 8:00 am
March In: 8:15 am
Awards: 10:45 am

Session 7: Brinley, Kassidy
Arrive: 11:00 am
Stretch: 11:15 am
March In: 11:30am
Awards: 2:00 pm

Session 8: Kira, Nahar, Journi A, Alyssa, Jessa, Luci
Arrive: 2:15 pm
Stretch: 2:30 pm
March In: 2:45 pm
Awards: 5:00 pm

Session 9: Vanesa
Arrive: 5:15 pm
Stretch: 5:30 pm
March In: 5:45 pm
Awards: 8:00 pm

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UPDATE SCAMPS MEET 9/15/18 & 9/16/18

Scamps is revising the meet schedule due to conflicts.  They are working on this and as soon as we have the finalized schedule it will be posted on the blog.

The previous post (on 8/14/18) regarding the Judges Pirates Cove Classic has been removed from the blog to prevent any confusion.

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Fall Practice Schedule

August 27th starts the fall practice schedule.  Please review the schedule as there have been some changes as to who comes what night.

Gold Bugs 2 – T & TH 430-730 – Brittany, Jehonna, Aria, Kenzie, Sophia V., Arianna, Lilly

Fast Track Teal – M & W 630-830 Fri 430-830 – Evelyn A, Kali, Bailey, Tava, Kamryn, Ada, Ellie S., Ava, Sydnee

Fast Track Purple – T & TH 630-830 Fri 430-830 – Navaeh, Ja’Niya, Lauren H., Sarah J., Ameria, Brandi, Malia, Evelyn B

Level 2 Silver – M & W 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Charlie, Coralyn, Kaitlin, Maggie, Anna W

Level 3 Purple – M & W 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Luna, Brooklyn, Macie, Kyndal, Le’Zariah, Cami, Jayden, Annika, Maddie K.

Level 3 Silver – T & Th 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Journie C, Cailyn, Lauren, Amiah, Mya G, Isabella, Melissa, Jayda, Kamarrya, Nariah

Level 4 – M & W 430-730 Fri 430-830 – Journie A, Aramae, Luci, Jessa, Brinley, Kira, Alyssa, Kassidy

Level 5-Opt – M & T 530-730 Th & F 430-830 – Maeggan, Emily, Aaliyah, Caelyr, Sarah, Mya V., Vanesa, Nahar

Open Gym on Fridays 830-10pm and Saturdays 6-8pm

Sorry if anyone was missed

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Hi parents!

We are looking to find out who is driving to and/or from AMKM Camp so that the girls can carpool and to not have so much driving for the parents.

Please fill out the google doc with if you are able to drive to and/or from camp and with how many you can fit in your vehicle.  More info to come once we get the list.


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Internet/phones are Down

Due to the power outage yesterday, the Internet and Phones are down right now. We are working to resolve the issue but could last until tomorrow! Please call 414-303-5195 (Amy) if it is an emergency or if you need something.  Sorry for any inconvenience! We do have lights, so there IS practice!

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There are still quite a few people that have not placed their order for the new warm-ups.  Please see Amy or the front desk.


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