Halloween Leotard Order Form – Due Oct 3rd

If you need help sizing, ask Amy. Please submit orders promptly. Can print out the order form or there will be some at the front desk. Get your boo on!

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L2-L4 Routine Videos

If you missed today’s routine clinic and don’t know the routines, you must schedule a private lesson with Amy ($50) 414-303-5195 (text) or one of the other coaches in the next week because we will begin doing the full routines during practice. We will not be “teaching” the routine during practice just working on perfecting it. Be sure to pick up a handout with the words at practice.


Here are some excellent videos about the USAG routines – showing correct positions and terminology.  Please have your gymnast take a look at these as we are almost a month out before competition!!

Level 2 Videos – https://youtu.be/lBZcgqqSb68

Level 3 Floor Tutorial – https://youtu.be/ZChBiWszEH8

Level 3 Beam Tutorial –https://youtu.be/lirx7m4UG1I

Level 3 Bar Tutorial – https://youtu.be/u3XaSIUaDE8

Level 4 Floor Tutorial – https://youtu.be/lJCAoPu6jPg

Level 4 Beam Tutorial – https://youtu.be/mSl1U6GrY_s

Level 4 Bar Routine-  https://youtu.be/NoPvMCp7Lds

Routine videos – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_Mjr0aOmykp5s7FBIktA5qXYwtjlGfdf

You can always google some awesome USAG Floor or Beam Routines.  There might be slight differences in presentation but look for requirements and angles. Take a look at the bar routines too!

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Happy Labor Day!

The girls have been working really really hard. With all the changes for school starting, we are going to give them a break. Enjoy Labor Day Weekend with no practice Friday, September 4 AND no practice Monday, September 7. Be ready to practice hard on Tuesday. Also, don’t forget about the routine clinic on September 14.

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Team Routine Clinic

Girls team (levels 2, 3, &4 who don’t know the routines) will be having a routine clinic Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 11:00-1pm. If you are unable to attend this clinic, you must schedule a private lesson with Amy or Nadiya before you can compete.

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Chalk Photos by Rosas Photography – Aug 29

Rosas Photography is offering unique chalk photos August 29th at the old gym (3545 N 127th). Choose your package and color chalk. Email Veronica for more info or to schedule your photos. See below. (We will be cleaning/closing up the old gym so feel free help while your gymnast is having their photo done! We will take all you awesome volunteers to help please!!)

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Welcome Fall practices!

Thanks for all your help moving into the new facility! It looks great and the kids are getting used to it. It’s nice for me because I can see everyone and what they are working on.

There are no more morning practices (unless schools close lol).

Levels 2&3 – T/Th 4:30-7:30 and F 4:30-8:30 p.m.

Levels 4 and up – M/T/TH 4:30-7:30 and F 4:30-8:30 p.m.

Open Gyms will are planning to start Sept. 15th. (Fridays will not have pizza and soda- so gymnasts should bring a snack/dinner to eat after practice).

Please plan to attend all your scheduled practices so we can get ready for the competition season. I need to register the Level 2s -5s for the Altius meet so if you have not registered for USAG memberships, you need to do so by Aug 30! Last call for anyone wanting to do the Altius meet too.

Reminder – the new gym does not yet have water fountains installed. Water bottles are available for purchase at the front desk for $1.

Veronica posted in the Team Parents FaceBook page that she will be doing Chalk photos of gymnasts that would like to order on Aug 29th at the Old gym. We will also be finishing cleaning out the Old Gym on that day. So for those of you that were unable to help during the move, for those that will be there waiting for their child to do pictures, and for those of you that are just plain awesome – we can always use your help!!! We will probably start cleaning around 11:00 a.m. Please email/text Veronica if you plan to attend the photo shoot.

TBD – We will need to schedule a routine clinic for the girls that don’t know their routines yet in Levels 2-5. Plan on a Saturday or Sunday – coming soon. If you miss the clinic, you will need to pay for a private lesson to learn the routines.

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Altius Meet Registration

Hi all,
Because this will be a weird year for competition, right now, I am just waiting to see what the various gyms are sending out and registering one by one. Altius did send out their info for their Nov 7-8 meet. It is only for Levels 2-5. I would be interested in taking a group of girls. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested in attending. Cost will be $100 and this provides you with 2 spectator tickets: Spectator passes will be mailed to Wildcard the week before the meet. There will be one door for entering and another for exiting. 16 spectator chairs will be spaced out around each event. Spectators will be rotating with the gymnast/team. All non-gymnasts will be required to wear masks. Gymnasts – policy will depend on what the mandate is as of Nov. 6th. Altius definitely has enough room and they will be following all Covid-Protocols for Wisconsin.

Your $100 payment is due by 9/3 for this meet. There is no cancellations after 10/03/20. Your child MUST have a current USAG number. You must register for USAG membership by 9/3 to be included in this meet. You should have received a renewal email. If not, please see Amy at the front desk.

More info on additional meets as I receive them.


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Masks and Moving!!

Masks – There is now a state mandate that we need to be wearing masks indoors so we are asking that Team gymnasts purchase the “scarf-like” masks so that they can wear them in between tumbling turns, walking around the gym, etc. ALL persons entering the gym must have a mask on as of Saturday. We will not be wearing them while gymnasts are tumbling or doing anything where a face covering could be dangerous. We will continue to keep gymnasts 6 feet apart, sanitize and practice good hygiene in the gym. Coaches will wear masks during all practices. Hand sanitizer will still be used after each station. Let’s keep Covid away!!  (These types of scarves are available at Pick n Save, Amazon, etc.)  MUST HAVE BY AUG. 1st!!  (Rec gymnasts may wear regular masks).


Moving   —- Calling all hands!!  We will be moving to a new facility only a few blocks away!!

Our new address:  13040 W. Lisbon – Suite 300

We are asking that all Team parents, friends, and random people you know come help move.  If you have a truck, trailer, or really strong and hard workers, send them our way!!  There will be plenty of jobs that don’t require lifting! We need organizing, etc. Please sign up to help for at least 2 four hour shifts!!!

W Aug 12 – TBD moving equipment via cars, etc – If you have a truck, come help!
10 a.m. – 3 p.m. (Ps- I may need someone to paint the party room)

Th Aug 13 – 26 foot Truck Rented!! Moving Beams, Bars and hopefully Floors
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (No official practice but Team kids age 6 and up should plan to help) (Need to tighten floor springs, organize, etc).

F Aug 14 – 26 foot Truck Rented!! Moving as much as possible!!
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Team kids age 6 and up should plan to help)

S Aug 15 – 26 foot Truck Rented!! Whatever’s left and getting the new gym looking awesome! 9 a.m – ???

Su Aug 16 – 26 foot Truck Rented!! Whatever’s left and getting the new gym looking awesome!! 10 a.m. – ??? Make the gym pretty!

  • Aug 3-8 – Ben may need help painting and drilling the holes for bars if anyone is available to lend him a hand. 

All Classes and Team practices after Aug 16th will be at the NEW Facility!!
Team kids – we will determine if there is practice, depending on how much work still needs to be done at the gyms. Please bring any family members and friends that can help! The faster we get this done the better! We are very excited for this move!

Here is the sign up genius link: Please sign up so we know how many people may be coming to help! Thanks in advance for donating your time to help!!!




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Meet Fees Update – Girls

Until we know more about meet season, we will not be processing the three $500 payments. We will process meet fees once we have a better idea of how the season will go (refunds/prices, etc). Use the $500 as an estimate for the first meet fee and be ready for a first payment at some point. We are working to get more information from Host Gyms, USAG and Wisconsin Gymnastics before making any commitments.

I will probably be running accounts for leotards and warm-ups by Friday. If you are paying another way – please pay by Friday at the latest!!

Can’t believe summer is almost over! Girls are really coming along! Lots of hard work.

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Added Camps: 3 & 4 day camps; Gymschool; Fall Session!

We have added two more dates for camp this summer.  Join us July 27-30 and August 3-6 for Recreational Camp!  Ages 5 and up.  This Camp is for all ages and abilities, boys and girls.  Camp runs Mon-Thurs 9-4 p.m.  There will be gymnastics instruction, parkour, games, crafts and some outdoor activities.  Specialty activities include:
Mondays:  Make crepes and side walk chalk drawings
Tuesdays: painting and water games
Wednesdays:  tie dying
Thursdays:  friendship bracelet making
Sign up online.  $350 ($75 discount if you register for July and Aug session together!)

We are also offering Morning Gymnastics Camps on Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. Does your gymnast want to learn a cartwheel, back handspring or how to swing on the bars.  This is open to Beginner- Advanced level gymnasts that want to improve their skills or learn at a faster pace.  $ 150 per week.  Classes run 9-noon.  Register under Camps. 

Fall Gymschool – We at Wildcard Gymnastics aim to give you a situation where your child can learn in a much safer, family-friendly environment and more controllable environment than in a traditional school or at home.   Both Amy and Ben have an education back ground (Amy has a Masters in Reading) and we are offering to help you if your child’s school is going virtual in the Fall.  We totally understand the frustration and difficulties parents are facing when having to work from home AND teach their children.  Your child will receive individualized attention and instruction, if he/she needs help on lessons or virtual activities.  We will make sure they are not missing Zoom meetings or assignments.  In addition, once school activities are completed, Wildcard will provide gymnastics and other physical activities within the facility.  There will be a scheduled literacy time as well as other extra curricular activities; such as cooking, science labs, language learning (Amy is fluent in French) and more!  Cost is $45 per day or $200/ week.   We are only accepting about 25 students for Gymschool (which the 23,000 sq foot facility can easily accommodate and keep your child safe). The CDC recommendation is no more than five people per 1,000 square feet, so we can easily manage up to 25 people in the building with plenty of space to social distance. Please email us if you are interested in Fall Gymschool:  Amyg@wildcard-gymnastics.com  or let us know if you have any questions.  Students must have their own computer and bring their own lunch/snacks.  This is a great alternative for working parents.  Your child will be monitored, instructed and give opportunities for physical activity and extracurriculars.  The building will continuously be cleaned (like we do for classes/team) and students will practice social distancing protocols.

Thanks for your patronage.  Wildcard Gymnastics is a family-friendly environment.  Refund policy:  No refunds after the first class, however class credit will be provided – valid up to a year.  Covid safety procedures are in effect.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Hope you are having a great summer!  The Fall classes are up online already!  Register early to save your spot!  Hoping Friday & Saturday Open Gyms will resume in the Fall.  Check the website for the most current information.

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