Turners Nationals-Schedule Changes

Please see schedule changes below in purple

Thursday, 7/25: Levels 3, 4, 5 at Northside High School
475 East State Bl Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Neveah, Melissa, Luci, Zari, Cami, Macie, Kyndal, Brooklyn, Jehonna, Maddie K, Eriauna, Mya G

Arrival 7:45 am
Warm-ups start at 8:00 am
Awards at 11:45 am???

Thursday, 7/25:  “Xcel Bronze” (Level 2)

Arrive at 10:30 am
Warm-ups start at 10:45 am
Awards at 2:00 pm???

Thursday, 7/25:  “Xcel Platinum & Diamond” (Level 6-9)
Jessa, Emily, Caelyr, Aaliyah, Sarah, Mya V

Arrive at 2:00 pm
Warm-ups start at 2:15 pm
Awards at 5 pm???

7:30 pm. – Model Drill (Exhibition Routine) 


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