USAG Membership- Urgent

It is urgent that all gymnasts have an updated USAG membership.  We must register for the August 3rd meet.  If you are listed below, you must register ASAP! Failure to take care of this by 7/20 will result in your gymnast not being registered for the first 3 meets, with NO Refund on Meet Fees.  Please contact the gym if you have not received your USAG email.

Gymnasts without updated USAG memberships (Please update ASAP!)
Nevaeh Boyd
Melissa Heck
Brinley Jaskie
Kyndal Johnson
Annika Manthy
Aria Sandor
Ellie Schwade
Le’Zariah Sneed
Camille Thommesen
Jessa Thommesen
Malia Wilson
Maeggan Xiong
Caroline Jing
Emily Jing
Annie Zhu
Adanna Gray
Anna Gray
Eliana Hertz
Keali Hertz
Londyn Humphrey
Azariah Pogreba
Kinsley Stigen
Olivia Thomas
Tani Patel
Elena Gallardo Huske
Annia Kiselicka
Kaiyah Szelinkski
Olivia Jaeger
Marissa Lovelace

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