Private Lessons- Especially if you missed Wednesday’s routine clinic

Hello Parents,

Many of our new gymnasts’ first meet is just around the corner.  If your gymnast was not present at the Wednesday routine clinic (for Levels 2-4) and she doesn’t know the routines, you MUST sign up for a private lesson to ensure they know the routines and are ready to compete August 3rd. Routines will not be taught during practice! 

Private Lessons Link 

Please use the attached doc to write in your private lesson. (Do not change anyone else’s lesson!).  Only one lesson per time slot/coach. Please make your coach is aware of the lesson after you sign up (text is fine). You must pay in cash before the lesson (directly to your coach), it cannot be put on your account.  Please arrive promptly! Cancellations without 24 hours notice will be charged ½ the fee; no-shows will be charged the entire amount.  

Charges are:

Rae ($45)            Amy ($50)           Ally ($45)         Nadiya ($50)      Lindsey ($40)

414-807-2121     414-303-5195     414-607-0028   *By appt.             414-559-7252

*By appt.                                                                                                 *FT/L2 or L3 skills

(text or call)

This is a good opportunity to work on routines before the Turner meet,  learn routines and perfect skills before the Meet Season starts.  If your gymnast does not know their routine yet, please try to schedule a private lesson. 

Click here to schedule your private


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