Concessions for the Wild Wild West Meet – Oct 18th & 19th

Gold Bugs I, Gold Bugs II, Fast Track, Excel, Boys, All Girls & Boys Teams

As part of the Wildcard team, gymnasts are responsible to donate items for the meet in lieu of Booster Club fees. We are fairly specific about what we would like this year, if you have any questions please ask!  All Sodas, Waters, and Concession table items should be here by Thursday, Oct 16th.  If you have a Coaches/Judges item, please bring it Friday night so we know what food we  still need to get.  IF you are not planning to buy/make your item, you may “buy out” for $30.  The money is due to the gym and notice must be given by October 10th; so that we have time to purchase your item.  Your gymnast will be given a paper slip at practice reminding them of what they should bring, but there will be a link to view the master list HERE – if you can bring an additional item please let AMY know.  If you have any questions, please talk to AMY.  A check-off sheet will be provided in the kitchen on the counter/bartop.

There are also a couple of items that we need help with, if you can volunteer to make/donate an additional item.  See the list below for food items  *there are also a few non-food items on the MeetConcessions2014 Master List.

Still Needed:

Fruit Platter/Fruit Salad                  Breakfast Entree or Crock Pot entree                  Skeleton Cookies

2 Pumpkin Pies W/ Whipped Cream                       No Bake Pumpkin Pie

Jello-Witch’s Cauldron Brew               Spider Web – Chips/Dip                           Devilled Spider Eggs w/ Black olives

Mummy Dogs                                        Apple Cider w/ Shrunken (apple) heads

Beer/Cheese Pretzel Dip & Pretzels

Candy Corn Trifle                                  Monster Trifle                        Halloween Cookies            Pumpkin Brownies

Halloween Peep Trees                         Halloween Candy Kabobs                               Pumpkins for Decorations

Also:  If you have any cool Halloween Decor (Light Up stuff; Inflatables, etc) – we would love to borrow them. But remember, there will be 1000 people in and out that weekend, so if you are worried about it not being returned in the same condition, please keep that with you!MeetConcessions2014

Please let us know by Oct 10th if you are “buying” out.  

When you bring your item to the gym (you may start bringing them ASAP) please check off your name or be sure your items are labeled so we know that you have contributed.  Your account will be assessed the $30 buyout fee, as well as a $10 non-notice fee.    Please support your TEAM!!!  There are many volunteer opportunities available still.  We need your help.  Please sign up online (See the BLOG) for details.  This is going to be a great meet!  We have lots of other gyms attending – many based their entry on how well Wildcard Staff, Gymnasts and Parents helped to run the awesome Optional State Meet last March!

There are some cool pictures of some of the specific food items attached to the Master List.  I found most of these on Pinterest or Google.)  You can find the recipe online, ask me, or use something of your own.




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