Sticking It – Getting Prepared to Compete Well

This week we have Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 girls competing at Altius.  Last week, almost all of the gymnasts had their mental training homework done.  We would like the Level 2s to also complete that homework too.  The posters were really awesome to see and the kids really put a lot of effort in to create them.

We are continuing with the theme of hitting routines and being mentally prepared for our competitions.  We really want the gymnasts to understand that it takes a lot of mental practice to get to a meet and hit routines or have the perfect meet.   This week’s homework addresses that Perfect Routine or Perfect Meet and enables the gymnasts to focus on how that feels, what kind of self-talk they use, and what their mind and body does during that time. It combines imagery and visualization with a positive perspective which is just as important as practicing gymnastics routines thousands of times.

Please encourage your child to do this week’s mental training homework, as well as last week’s homework so that she/he can achieve success! Click the link below for the .pdf worksheet.

Sticking It- Altius Meet Homework

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