Monday, Oct. 6 Practice and Other Items

Monday, Oct. 6 Practice — As this is the first Monday of the month, practice will end at 7:30 p.m. tonight for all levels due to our staff meeting. Optional Silver can come tonight at 4:30 p.m. to get the full practice time.

New Optional Groups — New optional groups will start next week, Monday, Oct. 13. Those will be e-mailed today.

Meet Volunteer and Donations — Signups for volunteer times have been going well. We thank everyone for their commitment. There are still plenty of areas needed, however:

The first session Saturday morning is almost empty, especially with people working with the judges to input scores and time.

The third session has almost no one working it.

The Sunday sessions are filling up well. Gymnasts are encouraged to come and stay for good portions of the day so we can put you to work where there are holes.

Please volunteer for times in which your child isn’t competing. If we don’t fill, we will have to pull parents from the crowd during their child’s session and we don’t want people to miss their own child’s competition.

If you haven’t registered yet, please do so at this link:

Additionally the concession item donations have gone out. Please help us make this the best meet of the season for any of these teams.

Hawaii Trip Participants — For those of you signed up to go to Hawaii, it looks like group travel will not be less expensive than traveling on your own. As a result, we will not be booking group travel and participants will need to arrange their own flights. As of now, flights out of O’Hare are as inexpensive as they have been since we started planning this. Book soon.

If anyone is still interested in going to Hawaii for the competition over Martin Luther King Day weekend, we can still get you in the competition. Just let us know. The meet fee is $100. We can still get a few entrants in if we have extras coming.

Fund Raising — We hope everyone is out there selling. Fund raising orders are due Nov. 15.

Success Wall Additions — We had a successful meet in Franklin this weekend. The Level 4s did very well as we now just have one gymnast left to qualify for state. In all, we have just three gymnasts in Level 3 and Level 4 yet to achieve qualification scores. With four meets left in the season, we are in very good shape as a team. Now, we just have to get the team scores up a little bit so we can medal as a team at state. Each meet, we have been the first team not to get a medal in Level 3 and level 4. This week, we missed by just a few tenths at each level!

Going up on the success wall this week are:

Level 2:
Kendra H. — 9.000 on bars, 9.100 on beam
Jennifer H. — 9.250 on beam
Lilly Jo. — 9.000 on beam
Emma M. — 9.400 on bars, 9.000 0n floor
Korynne M. — 9.000 on beam
Maggie M. — 9.100 on beam, 9.000 on floor
Brooklyn S. — 9.150 on floor

Level 3:
Aniyah B. — 9.000 on beam
Angela B. — 9.050 on beam
Ayanna L. — 9.050 on floor
Sarah S. — 9.100 on bars
Taylor T. — 9.050 on beam, 9.000 on floor

Level 4:
Aaliyah K. — 9.175 on vault (1st place), 9.275 on bars
Ryann W. — 9.200 on bars

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