Mobile Devices


Due to the increase in the number of athletes using cell phones and camera inside the locker room (which is a huge violation of SafeSport practices and gymnast safety!) and the fact that gymnasts are asking parents to leave early without permission during practice hours- we are asking that gymnasts “turn in” their cell phones to the front desk before entering the locker room/ cubbies.  

For safety reasons, starting June 24th 2021, your child must either leave their device with you or leave it at the front desk (which will be monitored at all times).  If an athlete does need to contact a guardian during practice, they may but must ask a coach and do so at the front desk using the gym phone.  This is for the gymnasts safety.  It also allows us to be aware if the gymnasts are leaving early. 

If your child is planning to leave early, please let the coaches or front desk know before or at the start of practice by coming in or calling the front desk.  
In addition, please monitor your child’s social media and talk with them about what is appropriate.  No Wildcard gymnast should be posting Tik Toks or videos from the gym or about the gym without permission (from me).  We also do not want gymnasts posting things that are inappropriate or condescending to others while wearing gymnastics apparel, etc.  It is important that as Wildcard Gymnasts (ambassadors of our gym) that we are perceived in a positive light! 

Thank you for your cooperation.
 – Amy Grining

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