Summer Hours – etc.

I’d love to have the Level 4s stay until 8:30 p.m. so we can work on getting those Level 4 and 5 skills. Please plan on having your gymnast stay!

*** For now, we are going to try to keep the 8:30 practice times for Levels 4 and up – however, on days that are 88 degrees or higher, we will re-evaluate staying until 8:30 p.m. (probably 7:30 p.m. finish). ****

I am excited to learn the new compulsory routines and head to Nationals! This will be a fabulous summer. We are getting closer to being mask free – We will give it another couple weeks and then aim to be Mask-Optional by July. As of now, we are not required to wear masks during the parades! Please see Amy or the front desk to pay for a 4th of July tank/shorts! There are still some available. (We are still waiting on the size 6s!).

Amy (and Ben) will be gone this weekend through next. Please text us if you need something! I know the kids are in capable hands! Happy Summer!

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