Tentative Meet Schedule 2021-2022

2021 -2022 USAG Compulsory Meet Schedule

Sept. 25-26    Judges Meet (Scamps, Kenosha)*

Oct. 2-3  Precision (Oshkosh)*

Oct. 9-10 MWT Oak Creek*   or Swiss

Oct 16-17 360 Sports Baraboo

Oct 23-24 Altius* / La Fleurs

Nov 6-7  Airforce / M&M

Nov 13-14 Lake Geneva* /Scamps

Nov 20-21  Gymfinity / Salto*

Dec 4-6 Compulsory State (Greenbay)**

(we will also do 2 AAU meets this season – TBD)

The 6 starred meets will be mandatory.  We will include 2 AAU meets for those who plan to complete AAU State/Regionals/Nationals.  There will be an additional $20 registration for all AAU athletes.  Meet fees do not include the State meet – this is an additonal fee and gymnasts must qualify to State.   Plus $63 USAG membership – email will be sent in July/Aug.   Meet fees and account balances must be current.  All gymnasts are expected to compete these 6 meets.  There are no refunds – but if your child can not attend, please let us know as soon as possible.

Level 2-5 gymnasts:  Cost is $650 per gymnast.


            3 installments of $217 – July 1st, Aug 1st, Sept 1st!!  

            If you do not have a credit card on file, please pay at the front desk prior to the 15th.

2022 Optional USAG Meets (and pick up meets)

Nov 13-15 Lake Geneva* 

Jan 7-9 MWT Safari*

Feb 11-13 MWT Harley 

Feb 26-27 DairyAire (Madison)*

Mar 11-13 Leap Meat (Greenbay)

Altius? Lucky? 360 Sports? AMKM? 

Mar 25-27    Optional State  (WCGC)

Apr 22-24 Regionals

May 13-15 Westerns

Optional Meet fees – approximately:  $1200

We will plan on 6 USAG meets and 2 AAU meets (not included in fees).  Meet fees do not include State, Regionals or Westerns.  There is an additional $20 fee for the AAU membership.  Plus $63 USAG membership – email will be sent in July/Aug. 

Level 2 and up can “pick up” additional Optional Meets at $150 per meet.

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