AAU Nationals – parking update

A waiver will not be required – please inform all. 

REVISED VENUE PARKING AND ENTRANCE INFORMATION.   We are asking that attendees allow extra time (approximately 30 minutes) to get in the building from the overflow parking lot.   For a bird’s eye view of the building with the layout of parking and overflow parking click this link – https://image.aausports.org/sports/gymnastics/2021/Nationals/WebsiteDocs/REVISED-Parking.pdf.  

  • Thank you for your patience as we have had to modify our parking plan due to construction that is taking place in the convention center parking area.  Due to the number of parking spaces now available at the convention center, we will institute an overflow parking area plan.    The designated area shown on the site map link will be open parking spaces.  There will be parking attendants overseeing parking.  After the main lot fills, cars will be directed to the overflow lot.  Shuttles will be available, running constantly from the overflow lot to the front of the building for drop off, and bringing people back from the building to the overflow lot as needed.  As the main lot opens back up, as people flow out after a session, parking attendants will let cars in to park, and the cycle will repeat. 
  • Drop off will be in Bryan Square for anyone who might need to quickly drop off the group and then park the car.   If the long walk will be an issue for some of your passengers, then do the following:
  • As you approach the Convention Center and parking area on Savannah Harbor Parkway, stay in the left lane and proceed to the turnaround/drop-off area near the front of the facility.
  • After dropping off your passengers there, you will go back on Savannah Harbor Parkway, passing the entrance to the parking lot, and then making a U-Turn so that you can get into the right lane(s) to enter the parking lot or be directed to the overflow lot.
  • Additionally, the Convention Center plans to have golf carts and/or shuttles for those who must park farther away than planned (keep in mind that these may be limited). 

Remember the Ferry Boat is also an option.  Information posted at the following link –  https://image.aausports.org/sports/gymnastics/2021/Nationals/WebsiteDocs/REVISED-Ferry.pdf


Due to the unforeseen circumstances with parking availability at the Convention Center, we are modifying our check in procedures to facilitate quick check in of coaches in order to help ensure that you have a positive experience getting your athletes to the competitive area in a relaxed and timely manner – click on this link https://image.aausports.org/sports/gymnastics/2021/Nationals/WebsiteDocs/REVISED-Check-In-Procedure.pdf  for more information. All coaches and spectators should allow extra time to park and enter the venue.  No advanced check in of athletes will be required.    We thank you for your patience and understanding as we make the necessary changes so that our participants, spectators and coaches can be assured of a wonderful experience getting to the venue.

  • Athletes will report directly to the competitive floor once their designated stretch time has arrived.  (They will no longer need to go to the check in area).  Athletes will not need their credential to enter the competitive area for their session.  They will need their credential to enter the venue on additional days of competition as spectators.
  • Coaches are encouraged to arrive early enough to pick up athlete credentials, shirts, bags, and gifts for their athletes in the session – Amy will pick up their credentials, etc.

This process will alleviate crowding in the check in area and allow athletes extra time to get to the venue for competition.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.  Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you very soon.  If you cannot answer any questions that your parents might have, please send me the questions so that I can hopefully answer so that you will know the answer as well.   

All updated event information can be located at https://aaugymnastics.org/national-championship under ‘Event Info’.

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