Updated Wildcard Royale Schedule

Wildcard Royale Meet Schedule

Saturday October 12, 2019

Session 1
USAG Optionals
Journi A, Alyssa, Jessa, Mya V., Emily, Caelyr, Aaliyah

Arrive: 7:45am
Warm Up: 8:00am
Start: 8:20am
Awards: 9:40am

Session 2
USAG Level 2, Level 3 Ages 6 & 7
Olivia J, Christy, Kinsley, Madalyn, Tani, Olivia T, Keali, Callie, Morgan, Caroline, Elliana, Annie, Emily, Kenzie, Aria, Coralyn, Jehonna, Zoe
Arrive: 9:45am
Warm up: 10:00am
Start: 10:25am
Awards: 11:40am

Session 3
USAG Level 3 Ages 8 & up, Level 4 Ages 7 & 8
Marisa, Sydnee, Annia, Malia, Melissa, Macie, Brooklyn, Jayden, Ellie, Luna, Eriauna, Cami
Arrive: 11:45am
Warm Up: 12:00pm
Start: 12:25pm
Awards: 3:05pm

Session 4
USAG Level 4 9 & up, Level 5
Kyndal, Maddie, Zari, Brinley, Evie, Luci,, Kaitlin, Journi C, Mya G, Nevaeh, River, Bella, Aramae
Arrive: 3:15pm
Warm Up: 3:30pm
Start 3:55pm
Awards 6:35pm

Sunday October 13, 2019

Session 1
AAU Level 4 and Optionals
Macie, Cami, Maddie, Luci, Aramae, Jayden, Mya G, Luna, Evie, Journie C, Kyndal, Zari, Ellie, Jessa, Journi A, Emily, Caelyr, Aaliyah

Arrive: 8:45am
Warm up: 9:00am
Start: 9:25am
Awards: 11:55am

Session 2
AAU Levels 1,2,3,XS, XG
Olivia J, Callie, Keali, Elliana, Abigail, Kenzie, Jehonna, Melissa, Malia, Sydnee, Aria, Coralyn

Arrive: 12:15pm
Warm up: 12:30pm
Start: 12:55pm
Awards: 2:35pm

Again, if your gymnast’s name is not listed for the AAU portion of the meet, please fill out this form. If the form is not filled out, your gymnast will NOT be entered to compete on the Sunday AAU meet.

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