Monthly Tuition Fees

Monthly Tuition Fees

In order to keep up with the cost of doing business, Monthly Team Tuition will increase as of August 1st.  All Fast Track / Pre-Team competing this fall will be moved to the new team level tab in September.  Below you will find new tuition fees by Level.  Please review the blog for Meet Fee Schedules.  Thank you to all our gymnasts and parents for being a part of the Wildcard Family.  Good luck as we move towards competition season.

___Girls Team                                       Boys Team___

L2          –> $210

L3          –> $230

L4          –> $250                                  L4   –>    $ 200

L5          –> $270                                  L5   –>    $ 220

L6          –> $290                                  L6   –>    $ 240

L7,8,9    –> $300

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