Meet fee Withdrawl

The first installment of Meet fees for this coming competition season (Fall) will be posted on the 10th and charged/withdrawn on the 24th.  

Meet Fees
Meet fees may be paid in full by July 24th or in four installments starting in July.
Level 2 (this includes M/W Fast Track) – $675 (4 installments of $168.75 each: July, Aug, Sept, Oct)
Level 3 – $725 (4 installments of $181.25 each: July, Aug, Sept, Oct)
Level 4 – $775 (4 installments of $193.75 each: July, Aug, Sept, Oct)

 Level 5-9 – $75 per meet (available meets for optionals are identified by **) We will be expecting that Levels 5-9 will be competing at the home meets.  The $150.00 charge for these two meets will be charged July 24th.  Should we decide to pick up any other Fall meets, we will let you know. 

Please be aware that Badger State Games will be hosted by Wildcard Gymnastics on September 7th and 8th.  This will be an awesome meet and another chance for gymnasts to gain some competitive experience before the official season starts.  Cost for this meet will be (approximately/TBD)  $65 look for the google doc to sign up.  Families will also be responsible for helping set-up, tear down, concessions, judges’ food, etc.  This is our chance to fundraise and show off how awesome Wildcard is – so please block that weekend to help.  Thanks!!! 

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