Meet set-up

Hi all! Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping already to make the Carnaval Meet a success! We really appreciate all your hard work!

If we can have some strong hands available tomorrow at 7:30 pm to start moving balance beams, Tumble Tracks and Bars, we’d love the help! Amy is stuck at school but we have a schematic if what the gym should look like and if we make a dent in moving the big stuff Thursday, it’ll make it easier to clean and finish setting up Friday much quicker! Anyone who is picking up kids at 7:30, if you could help put in an hour- that’d be great. Optional parents/gymnasts- practice will end at 7:30 Thurs to help!

We could also use people to help with decor, coaches/judges room, concession set-up and more.

Friday morning there will be people cleaning, decorating and if we have enough hands- moving more equipment/bleachers.

Again – a million thank you’s!!!


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