CSA Fall Challenge Meet Schedule

UW-Whitewater Williams Center
904 w Schwager Rd
Whitewater, WI

Saturday, September 30th

Arrive-10:05am, Warmup-10:20am, Begins-10:49am, Awards-1:17pm
Brynn, Jessa, Mahogany, Luci, Alanna, Brinley, Journie C, Luna, Alyssa, Jayden, Camille, Chloe, Kate, Le’Zariah, Kassidy, Elexah, Isabella, Madeline, Francis, Uli, Caleigh, Gianna, Kamarrya, Melissa, Macie, Morgan, Brooklyn, Madison

Arrive-1:15pm, Warmup-1:30pm, Begins-1:59pm, Awards-4:27pm
Payton, Kira, Hailey, Ali, Mikayla, Riley, Zelia, Hayden, Jouni A

Arrive-4:30pm, Warmup-4:45pm, Begins-5:14pm, Awards-7:06pm

Sunday, October 1st

Arrive-7:45am, Warmup-8:00am, Begins-8:27am, Awards-10:07am

Arrive-10:15am, Warmup-10:30am, Begins-11:00am, Awards-12:53pm
Emma, Maeggan, Ava, Aaliyah, Caelyr, Emily

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