Competition Attire Reminder

During our Friday practices before a meet, please be sure to show your team spirit by wearing an exhibition leotard. New level 2’s (former Fast Track) should not wear their Wildcard exhibition leotard but should wear any purple leotard instead.

What to wear during competition:

No street clothes on the floor. Please wear your warm up (if you have the old one please wear that one until the new ones come in) with your leotard underneath. If you do not have a warm up, please wear black leggings.

New Level 2’s (former Fast Track) should wear their black Wildcard leotards. All other gymnasts should be wearing their long sleeve leotard. If a gymnast must wear underwear of any kind underneath the leotard, please be sure that they do not show. Gymnasts are not allowed to wear shorts during competition.

Please be sure to have hair styled neatly and tightly into a ponytail or pigtails. You can style hair with bows to coordinate with leotards (please be sure to have these items safely secured in the hair).

If you have any questions about what to wear or not to wear please ask Amy, Rhea, or Julia.

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