Below are a few reminders:

The first installment for meet fees for Levels 2-4 were due on July 24th. Please keep in mind that if meet fees are not paid, your child will not be able to compete. The first installment is very vital as we must have their USAG membership completed in order to register them for the meet. If you have not paid the 1st installment, please do so at your earliest convenience. $35 late fees will be applied if not paid on time. Please keep in mind your second meet fees are due August, 24th.

Warm up payments are due July 31st. If you are paying for your warm up in installments or one lump payment, the payment is due on July 31st. You must come in to make the payment. The July 31st deadline is a hard deadline. A late fee will be applied for payments made after July 31st. If payment is not made, your warm up will not be ordered. 

There will be no practice on Tuesday, August 1st. We will be participating in Butler Night out. Please be in attendance. Please see previous post for location and times.

There will be no practice on Wednesday, August, 2nd due to our participation at Tosa Night Out. Please see previous post for location and time.

Please remember that Optionals and Xcel first installment meet fees are due August 24th.  Also, if you have not submitted your new music you should do so as soon as possible and be sure to have your new routine choreographed.

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2 Responses to Reminders

  1. ssvolley says:

    Hi. Thanx for the updates. PLEASE check the dates of the ‘Night Out’ events. August 1st and 2nd, presumably, vs. the 2nd and 3rd?

    Thanx – Cindy >

  2. Latoya Hartwright says:

    August 3rd is a Thursday. Can you please verify the date of Tosa Night Out?

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