Tosa Night Out

Wildcard will be performing at Tosa’s Night Out on Wednesday, August 3rd at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  This event begins at 4pm and ends at 8pm. We will have two performance at approximately 5:30 and again at 7pm.  When arriving at the zoo, please tell the employees you are with Wildcard Gymnastics so that you may enter and look for us at the Heritage Farm area. Because of this event, there will be no practice Wednesday, August 3rd.  ALL of our teams (Goldbugs, GoldbugsII, Fast Track, Level 2-4, Level 6-9, Xcel, Boys, and T&T) should be in attendance.

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1 Response to Tosa Night Out

  1. ssvolley says:

    Hi. Butler Night Out is on Tuesday, 8/1. Tosa’s is on Wed, 8/2 or Thur, 8/3? Gymnasts are expected to be at both Butler and Tosa?

    Thanx ~ Cindy >

    Gym Response: Butler is 8/1 at Frontier Park and Tosa is 8/2 at the Zoo. We encourage team gymnasts to attend both as they will be performing their show routines.

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