Wisconsin Leotards for Nationals…

So apparently they are offering a second order thru AAU Wisconsin to purchase the Wisconsin leotard, shorts and t-shirt for Florida. Now the hope is that they would definitley be here in time; we originally hadn’t received the info so Wildcard wasn’t able to send it out to anyone.

The hope would be that anyone that orders the Wisconsin leotard can wear it for competition at Disney; however if they aren’t here on time the plan is to wear long sleeves (or exhibition leotards if your gymnast doesn’t have a long sleeve). So we would most likely bring along all of the above to Florida.

I will try and put a rush order on it if everyone wants to purchase this one to wear in Florida…but if they don’t come in time we will wear or Wildcard leotards.

I must place the order tonight! So I need confirmation and payment ASAP. If anyone else is interested please let me know. The cost is $50.00. They are super cute! Red with sparkly Wisconsin and silver shorts. Ask Amy to see them!
We hope that everyone competing is ordering them!!!

Please email or call if you DO NOT want to order these for Florida, because I will plan to count everyone in!!!

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