Locker rooms, etc.

Gymnasts (and Parents) –
Please make sure if you are bringing money to practice for the vending machine, that your money or valuables are locked up! You are allowed to put a lock on your locker as long as you give Miss Amy your combination. Never show others your money, wallet, Ipod, etc. – we don’t want to encourage anyone to steal. Don’t forget to clean up anything you bring with you each night! Help keep our locker rooms neat.

With summer arriving, gymnasts (and coaches!) can get a little sweaty. Please remember to wear deodorant and wash your leotards. It is recommended to wear a clean leotard each practice night and to make sure you are taking your leotards home so they don’t get moldy and smelly in your locker! There will be extra spray deodorant in the bathroom, in case you forget, but be a champion and wear/bring your own. You can keep some in your locker too!

Please be drinking enough water as the warm weather causes gymnasts to sweat. Gymnasts need to rehydrate often and drink almost a full glass of water after practice. In addition, with the additional practice hours, make sure your gymnast is getting enough sleep and RESTING (not swimming!) during double practices!

Keep up the great work Wildcard! We are going to have a fabulous summer!

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