T&T Tryouts, Regionals, and Other Stuff


T&T will not hold a “Tryout”. Anyone interested in T&T may attend practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-5:30 to get a feel of T&T. The coach will do an assessment to see where the gymnast is currently and start goal setting for the upcoming season. Once determined if T&T is a good fit, the gymnast will then become part of the team.


136 East Third Street
Davenport, IA 52801

There is free on street parking. There is also special event parking available for $5.

Redstone Ramp 101 Main Street
RiverCenter Ramp 102 East Second Street (the RiverCenter Ramp is connected to the RiverCenter South Building)
Harrison Street Ramp 202 Harrison Street

Saturday, April 30th

Session 1

9:20am-Flight 3, Age Group 3 (Tumbling)

10:00am-Flight 5, Age Group 55 (Double Mini)
Emma D and Keagan

12:00pm- Flight 11, Age Group 39 (Trampoline)

1:00pm Grand March In for all athletes. All athletes must attend.

Session 2

3:00pm-Flight 4, Age group 89, (Trampoline)

3:20pm- Flight 5, Age group 90, (Trampoline)
Emma D

4:20pm-Flight 8, Age group 67, (Tumbling)

Sunday, May 1st

Session 1

8:40am-Flight 1, Age group 176, (Double Mini)

9:00am-Flight 2, age group 123, (Tumbling)
Emma D and Keagan

9:40am-Fllight 4, age group 156, (Trampoline)

Session 2

3:00pm-Flight 7, age group 229, (Double Mini)

Let’s have everyone arrive 45 minutes before their start time. There will be a grand march for all athletes on Saturday at 1pm. It is required that all gymnasts participate in the march in. You are welcomed to leave in between flights. Be sure to return 45 minutes to one hour before their start time.


The T&T Stars and Stripes Championship (otherwise known as Nationals) will be held July 22nd-24th in Tulsa, OK. We have 2 gymnast that have qualified for this event so far!! We hope to get our last and final qualifiers during regionals. More information regarding the Stars and Stripes Championship will be given in the future.

T&T Camp

Yes, that’s right…there is a T&T camp. T&T camp is held at Camp Wakeshma in Three Rivers Michigan. Athletes will participate in twice-a-day training with USA Gymnastics National Coaching Staff and will have the opportunity to participate in other summer camp activities such as swimming, boating, arts and crafts and hiking with other athletes from all over the country. Camp dates are July 31st-August 6th. The cost is $610. A $200 deposit is required upon registration, with the remainder due June 1st. Please let Rhea know if interested ASAP.

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