Welcome…Nadiya, Samantha & Julia

Just a little update for you on our coaching staff.  After 2 years of coaching Fast Track, Caitlin will be leaving Wildcard (hopefully not permanently) to focus on her career; though she will be back on and off to do some subbing. Julia and Samantha (Sam for short) will be taking over for Caitlin and preparing our Fast Track girls for Level 2 competition in December 2016. They are very excited about working with this group; and Wildcard is happy to have them.

Julia has been training with the Level 2s, 3s, and 4s on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays working closely with our Senior coaches. She has really gained a lot of knowledge and we have seen her putting it to use, transferring these skills to coaching Fast Track and recreational classes. Julia comes with a cheerleading and tumbling background. She has Cheered for 3 years and trained with Elite Tumbling for 3 years. She was MVP two years in a row! Julia is looking at a career in education and has volunteered with children at the Ronald McDonald House.

Samantha is a newly graduated Senior from Brookfield Central. She is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education . She has worked at Kids In Motion since 2014 and has volunteer experience working with young children. Sam was also a Cheerleader and did gymnastics as a child so she has an awesome base from which to grow. She is extremely enthusiastic and is thrilled to be a part of the Wildcard coaching staff.

Wildcard is looking forward to having our Fast Track gymnasts prepared to compete in December of 2016. We will be emphasizing strength, flexibility and proper shapes. Level 2 is the introductory level of competitive gymnastics in which gymnasts have required skills that they must perform. Julia and Samantha are familiar with the routines and Amy and the other Team coaches will continue to work with them, as well as the Fast Track groups to make certain that they are on par and ready to compete.

Wildcard has also hired a new Team coach for the Level 2-9s — Nadiya comes to us with an extensive coaching and dance background. She has worked all over the country and has gymnasts that have reached the National level! We know she will be a great asset to our coaching staff as well.  She will be training a TOPs  and a modified HOPEs group. TOPs is a program that helps the girls train and achieve higher level of flexibility, strength, and ultimately possessing these skills allows them to achieve and perform higher level skills in gymnastics.  These gymnasts are by invitation only and require an additional 4 hours a week of practice.  HOPEs is a modified pre-Elite program for gymnasts age 9-12 that focuses on the skills, strength, flexiblity, and shapes needed to become an Elite level gymnast.  This group will initially be invitation only but Wildcard my except gymnasts (Level 4 and up) that are interested in improving their strength and flexibility.  Watch for more information to be provided.

Parents – please make sure you are familiar with our TEAM blog site: http://www.wildcard-team.com – any postings for schedule changes, or leotard orders (which are due May 1st), exhibitions and anything TEAM-related (which Fast Track is now part of) will be listed there. See Amy if you want help making it an APP on your phone or log in from a home computer and set up email alerts. In addition, if you haven’t already done so, “Friend” Wildcard on the Wildcard Gymnastics Facebook Page – you will receive updates on the facebook page as well. (Feel free to “friend” Amy too: Amy Baehr Grining).

Thanks for your patronage and as always, please email or call with any questions or concerns.
# Purplepower! #FearthePurple! #GOWILDCARD!!

Don’t forget – Leotard orders and payments are due May 1st. 

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