Updated Altius Pink Meet

There is yet again a change in the meet schedule for the Pink Altius meet.  Please note there has been time changes for some of the sessions.  Please take a look at the updated schedule below.

Updated Altius Pink Meet

Friday, January 29

Level 9, XP,XD-Hattie, Stasia, Crystal
Arrive 5:00pm
Warm Up 5:15pm
Begins 5:50pm
Awards 9:30pm

Saturday, January 30

Level 6-Ryann, Aaliyah, Emily
Arrive 7:45am
Warm Up 8:00am
Begins 8:15am
Awards 10:30am

Level 6-Norah
Arrive 10:15am
Warm Up 10:30am
Begins 11:00am
Awards 1:00pm

Level 7– Ava C, Lilli Ja, Elie,Jordan, Eden
Arrive 1:00pm
Warm Up 1:15pm
Begins 1:45pm
Awards 5:15pm

Level 8– Ava, Rose, Glenna
Arrive 5:30pm
Warm Up 5:45pm
Begins 6:20pm
Awards 9:30pm

Sunday, January 31

Xcel Bronze (XB)– Brill, Leslie, KaMiyah, Paige, Megan, Elizabeth
Arrive 7:45pm
Warm Up 8:00pm
Begins 8:15am
Awards 9:30am

Xcel Silver (XS)– Hayden, Mya, River, Jenna White
Arrive 9:15am
Warm Up 9:30am
Begins 10:30am
Awards 11:30am

Xcel Silver (XS)– Angel, Skyler, Natalia, Amanda
Arrive 11:45am
Warm Up 12:00pm
Begins 1:15pm
Awards 2:45pm

Xcel Gold (XG)– Maggie, Kamryn, Maeggan
Arrive 3:00
Warm Up 3:15pm
Begins 4:40pm
Awards 6:30pm

Xcel Gold(XG)– Kelsey, Nadia, Jenna Wil, Madeline, Anna
Arrive 6:00pm
Warm Up 6:15pm
Begins 7:40pm
Awards 9:30pm

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