Last call for Midwest Twisters’ Harley Meet

This is the last call for the Midwest Twisters Harley Meet as posted before. I do have a NEW Level 2 and (NEW Level 6s) interested in trying the meet but only if there are any old Level 2s that want to do it. Please let me know by noon tomorrow! I am going to assume that unless I hear from you (Optionals or Xcel) that I should just bill the additional amount to your account… PLEASE let me know if you are NOT doing the meet.


PS- We finally have had success for getting into the AAU registration. We are planning to go to the Carousel Meet (Levels 2-7 AAU) April 9-10th in Plover (Cost of this meet is $55 due February 1st). ALL gymnasts competing AAU will need to purchase or renew their AAU membership. Cost is $75. (NEW Level 2s – I believe there was $30 anticipated for this fee but it has since gone up per AAU). Also, cross your fingers but we may push the Wildcard Cruise Classic (or something a little different) to May and attempt to host an AAU/Xcel meet in May here at Wildcard!! Lastly, AAU Nationals is being hosted at Disney World in Orlando the weekend of June 30-July 3rd. We would love to take a group! Please let Amy or Rhea know if you are interested. AAU has since canceled Junior Olympics (in Houston) so this will be our only chance at our National titles! I know we have some gymnasts that need to defend their titles!!

Lastly, just to communicate, in the past there have usually been a few AAU meets to pick up during Jan-April, however, this year it has been pretty sparce pickings. We are doing our best to find additional meets. USAG meets during this time are typically considered Invitationals and the price on these has raised drastically (probably because they are being hosted off-site) – Typically these meets for compulsory gymnasts (Level 2-5) cost about $100 and $125 for Optionals (Levels 6-9).

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