Chili’N on the Avenue Performance Reminder

CHILI’N — This is just a reminder that Wildcard will be performing at Chili’N on the Avenue on North Avenue today at 3:30-4:30 p.m.  The kids area is between 67th & 68th Street.  There will be lots of chili to taste and enjoy as well as other activities.  Team gymnasts should be wearing exhibition leotards or the Wildcard tank top.  Boys should have a Wildcard T-shirt.  The performance will be relatively quick giving you lots of time to enjoy the festivities.  Please arrive on time.  We’ll see you there! (All Saturday practices will still run as scheduled.)

FUNDRAISER — Please remember that all fund-raising orders are due on Oct. 8.

SUCCESS WALL — Success wall additions from the Racine Homecoming Invitational are:

Level 3
Jordyn H. — 9.100 on bars, 9.075 on floor
Kayla B. — 9.500 on vault (1st)

Level 4
Essence B. — 1st on vault
Sarah S. — 9.025 on floor
Taylor T. — 9.025 on beam

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