Badger State Games & Summer Practice…

Badger State games is a go.  Hopefully we will have more info by the end of the day.  Gymnasts will compete on Saturday, time TBD.

For summer practice – please make sure to have a water bottle and tennis shoes.  It might be advisable to keep a towel and swimsuit or extra leotard in your bags or lockers; especially those really hot days.

Please make sure you register for the Banquet!  And don’t forget that if you are a Level 2 or higher you are required to order the long sleeve competition leotard  ($140 compulsories; $150 for optionals).  We would recommend that Gold Bugs II at least purchase these as they are planning to compete in the Fall.

We should have more information on the June 25th Greendale Library show coming soon. The Level 2-6 should plan to attend, as well as a few optionals.

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