Exhibition Leos Past Due

Exhibition Leotards — Payment for exhibition leotards was due Friday, June 6. For those of you who didn’t indicate to go ahead and make this charge to your account, we have done that for those gymnasts who have competed before. If your account could not be charged with the information we have on file, your name will be listed below. For Fast Track and Xcel, or newly turned Level 2, please be aware that these need to be purchased so we can place the order. These will be your gymnasts competition leotard for the upcoming season. Your gymnast will be sized next week.

The following gymnasts still need to pay for exhibition leotards according to our records:

Girls’ Fast Track — All gymnasts
Girls’ Level 2 Purple — Neave D., Jennifer H., Kaelyn L., Emily V.
Girls’ Level 2 — Claire M.
Girls’ Level 3 — Emma M., Maggie M.
Girls’ Level 4 — Aniyah B., Kerigan S., Taylor T.
Girls’ Level 6 — Sofia B.
Girls’ Level 8/9 — Rose D., Ava G., Bella G., Ashley W.
Girls’ Xcel — Amari D., Mikayla V., Mariyah V., Stephanie Y.

Gold Bugs 2 (if you are reading this blog) should also order an exhibition leotard. The following gymnasts HAVE purchased leos: Jillian C., Sydney L., Mia W.

Please remit payment for this ASAP so we may order these leotards.

Long sleeve competition leotards for girls are due Friday, June 13 and that cost is either $140 (Level 2, 3, 4) or $150 (Level 5, 6, 8/9) pending on the level of the gymnast. Level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8/9 should order this leotard which will be used for two years. Fast track, Gold Bugs 2 and Xcel Silver/Gold may order this leotard as well but it is not mandatory.

Boys’ team singlets are $45 and are due by Friday, June 13 as well. This is for all Boys Level 4, 5/6 and 8. No gymnasts have paid for this as of yet.

Team Tryout Wrap-Up — Parents, thank you for having your gymnasts ready for our Girls’ Level 3 and 4 tryout on Friday night. Many of the gymnasts exceeded expectations and on a whole we were very pleased with what we saw. We will try to compile all the data this weekend and have evaluations and recommendations ready by Monday.

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