Christmas Break Conditioning – Merry Christmas!

Gymnasts – Here’s Circuit #4.  Parents, feel free to join your gymnast in doing the circuit.  Modify for exercises that need equipment.  Use soup cans for weights, do handstand push-ups instead of lat pulls, do push-ups instead of pull-ups, etc. 

Fast Track, Gold Bugs, and Level 2s – Do the circuit 2 times through

Girls’ Level 3 – 9 & Boys’ Team – Do the circuit 3 times through

Phase 4 – Maintenance Conditioning Circuit


Legs – 2 times

Spring/Jump Circuit:

30 sec. sprint /30 sec. tuck jumps/ 30 sec. sprint


10 elevated squats (frog jumps to a block)

30 straight jumps with ankle extension

10 on each leg single leg roll up w/jump onto a

      panel (jump off 1 leg, land on 2)


Stomach – 2 times

15 vampire situps with weight (lift to ceiling)

10 Hollow/Arch V-ups

10 half leg lifts with foam block between legs

25 speed sit ups with a twist

Stomach Circuit:

30 sec. hollow rock/15 tuck crunchups/30 sec. hollow hold (arms up)/ 15 tuck crunchups


Arms – 2 times

10 single leg handstand push ups

8 pullups with weight (hands backward)

15 altern. Push ups (feet on panel, chest to floor, arm lifts fwd)

10 lat pulls on high bar

25 single leg toe raises on beam (other leg is passé) each leg

25 supermans on a barrel or block

Back/Hamstrings/Calves – 2  times

15 partner arch ups w/weight

10 hamstring push ups

10 straddle jumps

10 split jumps on each leg

10 single leg rows (on each leg)


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