Boys Information


Warm-ups: The cost for warm-ups is $85. We will size the gymnasts and place the order. All you need to do is pay by October 10th. Let the front desk know if you’d like it taken from the card you have on file. The level 3’s are not required to purchase warm-ups, but you are welcome to. All boys level 4+ must purchase the new warm-up. If you don’t buy them for this year, they will be required for the following year when your child moves to level 4.
Competition Uniforms: If you have pants, shorts, or a singlet that are too small that you would like to sell, please reply all to this email with the size and how much you are asking. Any pieces you still need must be ordered by October 26th. If you know what you need and the size, please email me asap. Otherwise, let me know what you need and I’ll figure out the size. Level 3’s do not need to order competition gear. They must purchase a Wildcard shirt for $15 and wear plain black shorts, no markings or stripes, for any competitions or shows.
Sheboygan Meet: Sheboygan is hosting a meet for all boys levels 3-7 the weekend of October 19th. The cost is $15. This is a small meet that the boys would basically use as a practice. I would highly encourage everyone to attend if possible. This is a great way to see what we really need to work on before the season starts. I am checking on the exact time for this, and will let you know asap. Payment and commitment must be remitted by next Saturday, October 12th. There will be no practice on October 19th for levels 3-7.
Wildcard Meet: The girls home meet is the weekend of October 26th. We are going to host our annual pre-season meet in conjunction with this. We are tentatively planning for the mock meet on Saturday morning. Stretching will be at 7:45, with warm-ups starting at 8am. The competition should conclude by 11:30. This is a required event for all boys levels 3-7. Obviously, there is no practice for anyone this day.


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