Toughness Training Assignment

Last year as a team we worked on developing a mentality of Excellence in the gym.  We had a discussion about various key words or phrases and then sent home a weekly worksheet that explained the topic and provided the gymnasts with something to focus on during their training/meets.

This year, we are focusing on Success.  We have talked about the idea that success not only means good scores and winning medals, but also doing excellent routines and performing at the highest level of their ability.  Part of achieving success is preparing through toughness training, both physically and mentally, and combining this with our philosophy of excellence.  Of course, we are working hard on the physical training but the mental training needs to be practiced both at the gym and in everyday situations.

Here is this week’s Toughness Training Worksheet.  We also put a copy in the gymnasts’ mailboxes in the locker rooms. (Although, we’d like to save some trees by not printing out copies in the future.)  Please help us achieve Success by discussing these ideas with your gymnast and encouraging them to put in the extra effort at home.  Let’s make this competitive season a huge success!!

Success through Toughness Training – Week 1

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