Reminders About Meet Season

Parents, with the start of the competition season this week, this is a quick primer regarding some information to remember for meet season:

  • There is no need to ask us what time or which day your gymnast will compete at a meet in the future. We post all of that information on the blog the instant we have it we have it. We do not hold it or not disclose it. We share that information immediately (hence it gets updated from time to time). Meet schedules come about two weeks prior to the competition. This includes our own competitions. So, if you haven’t heard about the schedule, we haven’t heard about the schedule.
  • Please remember that no one other than certified coaches and registered athletes may be on the competition floor during a meet. We could get penalized as gym if this happens.
  • No flash photography at meets. It’s believed that flash photography distracts gymnasts and they could possibly get hurt.
  • There will be admission charges at each meet ranging from as little as $5 to as much as $15, pending on the meet. Typically in the fall, expect a $6-7 entry fee.
  • We encourage gymnasts to stay or come early and cheer on their teammates. You shouldn’t have to pay admission for a competing gymnast to watch another session. If they are able, we will try to allow them to sit with their teammates on the competition floor, but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to.
  • Gymnasts should come to the meet dressed in their leotards for girls or singlets and shorts/pants/socks for boys. All gymnasts should arrive wearing your warm-ups with their gym bag. Gymnasts should also have a small snack and water in their gym bag. Gymnasts should also should take their grips home from the gym on Fridays when there is a meet. Also girls’ gymnasts should have their hair done neatly and make-up done prior to arrival. Do not expect that the coaches will be able to do your hair or make-up. With the number of gymnasts on our team and the limited time between sessions, there isn’t enough time.
  • If your gymnast is competing in the morning on Saturday, they should not attend or stay for Friday night open gym. If a gymnast is competing on Sunday morning, they should not attend Saturday night open gym.
  • Please arrive on time to your meets. If you are running late or will not make it, please let one of Alison (414-737-1458), Amy (414-303-5195) or Blain (414-737-1457).
  • We post scores and accolades to our website in the team section as quickly as we possibly can. Please let us know if you see an inaccuracy. Also, we try to post meet photos regularly in the photos section on our website as well. Be sure you check out all of our information on the website.
  • We are hosting four meets this season and in order to make our meets successful, we need parent and gymnast volunteers. With more than 100 kids on our competitive teams, if each parent and their child donates just one or two sessions of time during the season, the volunteer time will be shared equally amongst our team and the burden won’t be placed on a few families and the coaching staff (who have kids on the team as well).

With the last-minute cancellation of some events lately, we have done our best to communicate those as best we can. It has come to our attention during this process that we don’t have a cell phone contact for every family. If each of you could stop by the front desk and provide your current cell phones, we would be very appreciative.

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