Tosa’s Night Out, Summer Spectacular and More Updates


TOSA’S NIGHT OUT: Tomorrow (August 6) is Tosa’s Night Out at Hart Park. This is an event that we enjoy doing and the community enjoys as well. This will be similar to West Allis Night Out in that we will have an obstacle course for the community and perform shows.

Please be at Hart Park by 5 p.m. for shows at 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. Our show set up will the be same one that we had last year, east of the football stadium. This is one of the better celebrations of National Night Out and there is a lot going on for families to do in between and after our shows. Girls team members should be wearing the purple exhibition letoards (4th of July leos for Jr. Gold Bugs). Boys should wear competition singlets and shorts.

There will be no practice for any team boys, team girls or gold bugs tomorrow evening as a result of Tosa’s Night Out. We will e-mail out a TOPs time for those who are in TOPs once we confirm a time. For more information on Tosa’s Night Out, click here.

SUMMER SPECTACULAR: Our annual in-house show, the Summer Spectacular, is scheduled for Saturday, August 10 at 6 p.m. Please plan on this being a two-and-a-half-hour show, as opposed to the two hour show of previous years. Your gymnast should be at the gym, in a purple exhibition leotard for girls (4th of July leos for Jr. Gold Bugs) and competition singlets, shorts and pants for boys.

We do use this show as a fund raiser. We do charge admission, albeit a very small admission. We charge $2 for adults and $1 for children. We will also have concessions available at the summer spectacular.

Unlike our regular shows, gymnasts will be on the spring floor and will have the opportunity to show off on other events other than floor. Every gymnast will perform several times, often times in a group, showing off both group show routines and their competitive routines. This is easily our best show of the year.

TEAM PHOTO & PRESEASON MEET: The team photo and preseason meet will be held on Friday, August 16. Due to conflicts with the judges, we had to move up the date by a week. We realize that several of you will be out of town, but this is the only date in which we will have the majority of the team present and the only date we could get judges for the girls’ compulsory gymnasts competing in the fall.

We will do level photos later in the year (closer to the end of the year), so those of you who are unable to attend the team photo will have the opportunity to participate in the level photos.

Meet information for the preseason meet is available by clicking here.

MEET FEES: This is a reminder that the second installment of girls’ compulsory level meet fees, the first installment of optional level meet fees and the first installment of boys’ meet fees will be processed on August 15.

CANCUN TRIP: We hope to have more information on Cancun by the middle of the month. Please expect to provide a deposit in order to secure your spot so we may begin planning for the meet.

TUITION INCREASE: When we moved to the 127th Street facility two years ago, we indicated there would be a tuition increase, which have yet to implement. Unfortunately, as costs rise, we must increase our tuition. Beginning in September, team tuition will be an additional $15 per month, our first increase in team tuition in three years. Tuition will be the following starting in September:

Fast Track (when running): $135
Girls Level 2: $145
Girls Level 3: $155
Girls Level 4: $155
Girls Level 6-10: $165

Boys Level 4: $140
Boys Level 5: $145
Boys Level 6-10: $155

This still reflects costs between $3-4 per hour of instruction and is the best team tuition rate in the state. Compare the image below, which comes from a gym in northern Illinois. There fees are between $80-$220 more per month than ours. We’ve seen costs to these from gyms in the area.

Our philosophy is that we want everyone to be a part of our team and we do our best to accommodate. Fees are a direct part of this structure. We hope that you realize our commitment to this philosophy doesn’t change despite the modest price increase.

CONGRATULATIONS: Our team had a fantastic outing at AAU Junior Olympics in Detroit last week. In all, we won seven all-around titles and 24 event titles and everyone did very well. The following is a list of our first-place finishers:

Old Level 3: Emily Grining (all-around, vault, bars, floor)
Old Level 3: Ella Johnston-Fodor (beam)
New Level 3: Emily Grining (vault, bars)
New Level 3: Ella Johnston-Fodor (vault)
New Level 3: Aaliyah Krause (all-around, beam, floor)
New Level 4: Bradyn Fowler (all-around, vault, bars, beam, floor)
Old Level 5: Izzie LaSpisa (all-around, vault, beam)
Old Level 5:
Jordan Morrissey (all-around, vault, bars, floor)
New Level 5: Izzie LaSpisa (all-around, vault, bars, beam, floor)
Level 8: Crystal Straszewski (all-around)
Level 8: Ashley Watkins (vault, bars)

Double congratulations go to Izzie LaSpisa, who won Old Level 5 and turned around and won New Level 5 in the next session, becoming our second gymnast to perform such a feat. We tend to do very well in these summer meets. Keep next year’s AAU Nationals (Orlando, Date TBD) and AAU Junior Olympics (Des Moines, Iowa, July 25-Aug. 6) in mind.

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