Wildcard Preseason Meet & Team Photo

NOTE: Any gymnasts competing at the AAU Jr. Olympics this week in Detroit should wear their red WISCONSIN leotard.

The Wildcard Preseason Meet for the Level 2-5s is scheduled for Friday, August 16. As is our custom, we will do our all-team picture preceding the meet so the Optional Team needs to be present, as does the Boys’ Team.

All boys’ competitive team members (Levels 3-7), all girls’ competitive team members (Gold Bugs IIs who are competing in January and Level 2-9) and all coaches should be at the gym by 5 p.m. on Friday, August 16 for the team photo. Girls who have long-sleeved leotards should wear those for the team photo. Those with just the new short-sleeved exhibition leotard should wear those. Boys should be in their competitive singlet and competition shorts. Coaches should be in the purple t-shirt given out at this year’s banquet. We expect the photo session to take roughly a half hour, at which time warm ups for the preseason meet will begin.

This is a great learning opportunity for our Level 2 parents, who are new to our competitive team. We bring in judges and present awards just like a regular competition. We usually do a short question and answer session afterward as well.  This meet is for our girls’ Levels 2-5. Gold bugs who are competing in January will have the opportunity to do a similar meet prior to their first meet. They may attend, but due to the sheer volume of competitors, they should not expect to compete at this meet.  You are welcome to invite friends and family to come and watch, as there will not be an admission fee.  (Be prepared, there will be admission fees all season long at meets!) We will have concessions available.

Wildcard Preseason Meet
August 16, 2013
Wildcard Gymnastics
3545 N. 127th St., Brookfield | MAP | 0.0 mi., 0 min.


GIRLS’ LEVEL 2 – Angela, Chasity, Almasia, Morgan, Vanessa, Alivia, Sienna, Ayanna, Mariyah, Emma M., Anya, Kaylie, Korynne, Maggie, Joey, Valentina, Rhianna, Ellie, Brooklyn, Jordan S., Annika
GIRLS’ LEVEL 3 – Aniyah, Sophia B., Rebecca, Emily, Adrianna, Nadia, Ella, Aaliyah, Vanesa, Nora, Emma L., Tania, Norah, Taylor, Ryann, Kamryn, Jenna
GIRLS’ LEVEL 4 Sofia, Hattie, Madeline, Ava C., Kelsey, Bradyn, Delaney, Camille, Lia, Maeggan
GIRLS’ LEVEL 5 Lilly, Izzy, Elie, Miley, Jordan M., Eden, Maddie
Arrive – 4:45 p.m.
Stretch – 5 p.m.
Meet Begins — 6:30 p.m.
Awards — 8:15 p.m.

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