Girls Team Practice Schedule, July 4-9

Due to the gym closure for the Independence Day holiday and with many families vacationing, the girls’ team schedule will be altered slightly over the next few days. The boys’ team will have a different schedule which will be posted later. The girls’ team schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, July 2: NO TEAM PRACTICE, West Allis Parade
Wednesday, July 3: Regular Team Practice
Thursday, July 4: NO TEAM PRACTICE, Brookfield/Wauwatosa Parades, Brookfield Family Fest
Friday, July 5: NO TEAM PRACTICE
Saturday, July 6: NO TEAM PRACTICE, TOPs Practice 9-11 a.m. for the new TOPs group, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. for the old TOPs group
Sunday, July 7: NO TEAM PRACTICE
Monday, July 8: NO TEAM PRACTICE
Tuesday, July 9: NO TEAM PRACTICE, TOPs Practice from 4:30-6:30 p.m. for all groups
Wednesday, July 10: Team practice resumes on the regular schedule

Also, for those parents and gymnasts wishing to register for AAU Junior Olympics (July 31-Aug. 2 in Detroit), please note that the registration has closed, but the AAU has confirmed they will accept late registration. Additionally, the AAU is offering both old compulsory and new compulsory competition at the meet. The AAU said that gymnasts will be allowed to compete BOTH levels. Usually, gymnasts are limited to one competitive level. It’s a unique opportunity. All gymnasts are going to have had the same amount of time with the new routines, approximately a month and a half, so there will be no competitive disadvantage to competing the new levels and new routines. There may be an additional associated cost with this, but we’re hoping that it’s less that the regular registration fee.

The following gymnasts are registered for AAU Junior Olympics. Please let us know if there is an error and your child should be registered. Also, please advise if you’d like your child to compete both levels or just old or new. We will pass along what the anticipated fee is for competing both levels.

Bradyn Fowler — Old Level 4
Hallie Fowler — Open (Level 9/10)
Emily Grining — Old Level 3
Ella Johnston-Fodor — Old Level 3
Aaliyah Krause — Old Level 3
Nora Laughlin — Old Level 3
Izzie LaSpisa — Old Level 5
Mariyah Lee — Old Level 3
Norah Tait — Old Level 3
Jordan Morrissey — Old Level 5
Crystal Straszewski — Level 8
Ashley Watkins — Level 8

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