Sokol Opening Ceremonies / Hales Corners Library / Level 3-5 Compulsory Clinic


SOKOL National Sports Festival Opening Ceremonies

Wildcard has been invited to participate in the SOKOL National Sports Festival Opening Ceremonies.  We have a number of gymnasts competing in the gymnastics competitions, so we feel honored to be asked to march / perform at the Opening Ceremonies. We know this is somewhat last minute, but it is a regular practice night for most of the gymnasts, so we expect that they would come.

 We would like to showcase all of our competitive levels (Level 2 (this includes Fast Track) through Level 9 and Andy/West because they are the only boys competing).  We will be doing a minute long mash-up off all of our show routines and the Optional team will do the majority of their new show routines.  They will wear the new Exhibition leotards (Andy and West will wear the competition singlet and shorts).  Please have hair done nicely.

The Opening Ceremonies will be held at 7:00 p.m. at Hart Park in Wauwatosa on Tuesday, June 25.  We need the gymnasts to be at the rehearsal at 5:00 p.m. to go through the routine and how they want things done.  There may be a small entry fee for spectators.  Hart Park is located at 7300 W Chestnut St in Wauwatosa (73rd and State Street).

Due to the fact that we want all of our girls’ team at the Opening Ceremonies to perform, there will be no practice that night.  Gold Bugs will need to make up on a different night.

Compulsory Clinic for Level 3-5

 Also, please don’t forget about the compulsory clinic on Thursday and Friday for all Level 3 – 5s.  We are very excited about this.  We will be running charges to accounts for those kids who have notified us about coming/show up on Thursday.  Don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, 2 practice leotards, toiletries, and a swimsuit/towel for water activities (weather permitting).  You may send along a snack or money for the vending machine; however, snacks/water will be provided along with dinner on Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday.  The clinic starts at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday and ends at 3:00 p.m. on Friday.  It’s going to be really fun!

Hales Corners Library Show

 Our first official show of the summer is on WEDNESDAY, June 26 at the Hales Corners Library located at 5855 S. 116th Street.  The show starts at 10:30 a.m. so please arrive around 9:45 -10:00 a.m. to stretch / warm-up.  Team members should wear the new Exhibition leotards, boys should wear their competition singlet and Jr. Gold Bugs should wear the 4th of July.  The show will last about an hour.  There will be no morning practice on WEDNESDAY, June 26.

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