Banquet RSVPs

Parents of boys’ and girls’ competitive team members, the deadline for the banquet has passed. We need to know if your child is planning on attending the banquet and/or will be swimming at Country Springs following the banquet. Please respond by Thursday, June 20 to with your RSVP. Please respond one way or another if you plan on or not plan on attending.

The banquet is scheduled for Sunday, June 30 at noon. Cost for gymnasts is free. Costs for additional guests is $15. Cost to swim is $16 and parents who wish to be in the swimming area but not swim must pay $5. We need to know numbers in advance. This is not something you can just show up to and expect to find accommodations or water park admission.

For those of you new to the team, the gymnasts like to get dressed up for this event.

The following have/have not RSVPed. If you believe this is in error, please let us know.

Girls’ Level 3s:
Aniyah B. — no response
Sophia B. — no response
Rebecca D. — 5 for the banquet
Emily G. — 4 for the banquet and 4 for the water park
Adrianna H. — no response
Nadia J. — no response
Vanessa J. — no response
Ella J. — no response
Aaliyah K. — 4 for the banquet
Vanesa K. — no response
Ayanna L. — 4 for the banquet, 2 for the water park
Nora L. — no response
Mariyah L. — no response
Emma L. — 2 for the banquet
Emma M. — no response
Tania R./Valentina R. — no response
Jordan S. — no response
Nora T. — 2 for the banquet
Taylor T. — no response
Ryann W. — no response
Jenna W. — no response
Kamryn W. — 2 for the banquet

Girls’ Level 4s
Sofia B. — no response
Madeline C. — 2 for the banquet
Kelsey E. — 4 for the banquet, 4 for the water park
Bradyn F. — 5 for the banquet, 5 for the water park
Maeggan X. — no response

Girls’ Level 5s
Hattie B. — no response
Delaney H. — 3 for the banquet, 3 for the water park
Lilli J. — no response
Izzie L. — no response
Elie L. — no response
Miley L. — no response
Jordan M. — no response
Camille P. — no response
Eden R. — 4 for the banquet
Katherine R. — no response
Lia S. — 3 for the banquet
Maddie W. — no response

Girls’ Level 7s
Emily B. — no response
India D. — no response
Erin G. — 2 for the banquet
Dosia M. — no response
Anastasia R. — no response
Emma S. — no response
Khalizstall V. — no response

Girls’ Level 8
Rose D. — 2 for the  banquet, 1 for the water park
Hallie F. — see Bradyn F.
Ava G./Bella G. — 2 for the banquet, 2 for the water park
Heidi K. — no response
Glenna P. — 1 for the banquet
Crystal S. — 1 for the banquet
Ashley W. — no response

Boys’ Level 3
Andy M. — no response

Boys’ Level 4
Max B. — 2 for the banquet, 1 for the water park, 1 spectator
Henry F. — will not be able to attend
Diego G. — no response
Ian Y. — no response

Boys’ Level 5
Myles M. — no response
Bryce W. — no response

Boys’ Level 7
Reed B. — no response

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