Girls’ Team Warmups

Team Warm-Ups

* Team warm-ups are mandatory for any gymnast competing in 2013, 2014 or the Spring of 2015.  Fast Track, Jr Gold Bugs and Gold Bugs I & II may order warm-ups too even if they don’t plan to compete yet.  The cost of the warm-up with pants is $175.  All competing gymnasts must have a full warm-up. (The Level 7 – 9 team is allowed to replace the warm-up pants with the capris offered.)  Warm-ups are ordered on a two-year cycle.  We will not be ordering team warm-ups again until the Summer of 2015.

*Warm-ups must be ordered online at no later than June 20th.  You may customize your gymnast’s warm-up with his/her name on the jacket and pants.  Please remember, that if your child has a common name, you may want to put your last initial on the warm up too.  The warm-ups are in the Wildcard Gymnastics Mandatory Team Warm-up Locker.  Be sure to click on the Girls’ sizes for youth sizes!!!  You are also able to customize your child’s name in rhinestones or put a name on the pant leg.

*Be sure to check out the Fan Locker for parent apparel as well (t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and more)! Go to  or click “Fan Locker” from the warm-up order page.  Show support for your favorite team and favorite Wildcard gymnast!  If there’s something you want to see in the locker room, let us know!  Many of these make great gifts!

Check your gymnast’s mailbox for a form detailing this information and your chid’s size.  We worked very hard to size the gymnast’s appropriately so please order the size listed on your form.  We have sized the warmups to last for two years.  Please DO NOT change the sizes!  Let us know if you have any questions!

We will be closing out the warmup locker room as of June 20th so that gymnasts will have their warm-ups before competition season!

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