Elm Grove Memorial Day Parade


Parade Date:            Monday, May 27th, 2013 

Reporting Time:        Please arrive between 10:00-10:15 a.m.    Most people will be arriving earlier, but since we will have small kids, I think we can stall a bit. Last year we waited an hour after start time!!!

Parade Start Time:  10:30 a.m.

Reporting Location:  Elm Grove Village Park  (last year we were at the far end of the parking lot)

Drop Off Location:  The Footbridge on Legion Drive  (Legion Drive is between North Ave and Juneau), just West of 124th street.  (The end of the route is the Elm Grove Village area).

*  Park entrances will be closed to ALL except parade vehicles.   Please drop off parade participants at the Footbridge on Legion Drive that will be demarcated by a large, yellow ‘Drop Off Here’ sign.  This is the shortest distance to the parade staging area. 

** There is NO parking or prolonged stopping near the footbridge.   Please drop off quickly and continue moving. 

As in the past, the 1.2 mile parade route will begin at the Village Park and end at Wall Street off of Elm Grove Road.   Unless your vehicle is part of your act, there will be NO PARKING available at Village Park.   There will be parking available at the end of the parade route in the lots behind the Park and Shop.  This leaves your vehicle at the end of the parade route for an easy exit.   You may want to carpool and have people park near the end of the route.

The route is:  North on Legion, East on Elmhurst Pkwy, South on Church St, West on Watertown Plank, South on Elm Grove Rd, East on Wall St ending at Park n Shop.   We will gather the kids near the parking lot of the M&I Bank/BMO Harris Bank (hopefully!) right at the end of the route.  Please pick up your gymnast there!! 

Link to the parade route map and area:  


–       Wear your 4th of July leotard and have your hair/makeup done nicely.  (PS – the Dollar Store has some really cute sparkly headbands and bows in red,white, & blue).  Boys can wear a Blue or Red Wildcard shirt with navy shorts.  Don’t forget sunscreen, tennis shoes and socks, and your stretchy magic gloves for tumbling. 

–       We will need 3-4 wagons for carrying water and 4-6 parents to pass out brochures, hold the sign, help with water.  Please sign up with Amy or Alie.  If you do walk in the parade, you must have on a Wildcard t-shirt.

–       The only kids that may ride in a wagon if too tired will be the JR Gold Bugs.  One parent per JR Gold Bug may walk in the parade but you must wear a Wildcard T-shirt.  Please purchase one for $15.00.  We would like to discourage the use of strollers during the parade unless absolutely necessary. 

–       Each gymnast should bring a water bottle to share.  You may want to freeze part of it to keep it cold during the parade.  These will be community water bottles.  There will not be time during the parade for gymnasts to look for their own personal water bottles.

–       Please wear your leotard and gloves, shoes.  Do NOT bring extra supplies with you.  There will be no one to carry/hold them for you.

–    All Team to attend: Jr Gold Bugs, Gold Bugs I & II, Fast Track, Boys Team, Level 2-10 Girls


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