State Meet and Spring Break Info.

Congratulations to our Boys’ Team and Girls’ Optionals that had a fantastic finish at the Wisconsin State Gymnastics Championships!  We are very proud of you!  Results are posted on the Wildcard website.

Please note that Wildcard Gymnastics will be closed for Spring Break from March 29 – April 5.  There will be no rec. classes, Jr. Gold Bugs, Fast Track, or Gold Bugs practices.

Girls’ Team gymnasts will NOT practice Friday, March 29 or Saturday, March 30.  There will be no regularly scheduled practices during until April 6.  However, the Level 2/3 – Level 9 Girls’ team may come in for an “Open Workout” on Tuesday, April 2 and Thursday, April 4 from 4:30 -7:30.  This will not be a structured workout per se.  Gymnasts are to come in and work on skills that they need for their new levels or skills that need to be perfected from prior levels.  This is not an Open Gym or play time.  Please do not send your gymnast, if they won’t be able to focus and work independently for that practice time.  There will be coaches here to spot and assist with skills.  The Level 7-9 Optionals may also come in on Wednesday, April 3 from 9 – noon for another Open Workout.  Regular practices will resume on Monday, April 8th.  NO Level 2/3 Practice on Saturday, April 6th. 

For the Boys’ Team there will be NO practice March 30th or April 1st for Easter. Wednesday practice will be held 9am-12pm instead of in the evening (all Boys’ Team levels). Otherwise, normal Boys’ Team practices will resume on Saturday, April 6th.

We are aware that many of the team gymnasts will be out of town or missing practices.  We insist that the gymnasts are doing some sort of working out during this time!  Here is a conditioning workout that can be done at home or on vacation over Spring Break.  This may be supplemented with concentrated workout (30 min. of lap swim, 30 min. run, 30 min. aerobics, 40 min. bike ride, etc.).  But please be sure to do some sort of working out at least six of the days!

Spring Break Conditioning-

Do this full workout or some sort of intense cross training at least 6 days!

Level 2/3s and Level 4s-

*Run for five minutes

Fifteen frog jumps in a row or two sets of ten frog jumps

Twenty jumping knee lunges

Thirty second wall sit x2

*30 crunchies

15 push-ups

15 V-ups

20 second hollow hold x2

20 second supergirl hold x2

15 sit-ups

*Stretch(hold each stretch for thirty seconds):



Bridges x2

Right leg splits x2

Left leg splits x2

Middle splits x2

Level 5s and 6s-

*Run for ten minutes (DON”T STOP! If you cheat you’re only cheating yourself of your full potential.)

Two sets of twenty frog jumps

Two sets of twenty jumping knee lunges

Forty-five second wall sit x2

*50 crunchies

15 push-ups x2

15 V-ups x2

35 second hollow hold x2

35 second supergirl hold x2

30 sit-ups

*Stretch(hold each stretch for forty-five seconds):





   Levels 7 and 8-

*Go for a fifteen minute run (DON’T STOP! If you cheat on conditioning you’re only cheating yourself from reaching your full potential!)

Two sets of thirty frog jumps

Two sets of 25 jumping knee lunges

Sixty second wall sit x2

10 one leg roll-up straight jumps on each leg

*100 crunchies

100 push-ups (25 normal, 25 V, 25 army, and 25 either wide or diamond)

50 V-ups

50 Straddle-ups

Sixty second hollow hold x2

Sixty second supergirl hold x2

100 sit-ups (50 in a straddle and 50 normal)

25 handstand shoulder shrugs

10 handstand push-ups

*Stretch(hold each stretch for 1 min.):





Shoulder stretches

Handstand holds x2

Find Insane Abs or Cardio Abs on the computer and do that!

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