Cruise Classic Concession Items


We will be running concessions for our Cruise Classsic on February 9th and 10th.  We need your donations to help keep costs down.  Teams are responsible for bringing the following.  Please bring all packaged items by Thursday, February 7th.  Fresh items can be brought to practice on Friday or Saturday morning.

Thanks for your support.

ITEM   /   TEAM  

Gold Bugs I:  Donations welcome

Hostess Snacks (Twinkies, etc)

         Handsanitizer Bottles

         Bathroom Supplies:  Mints, Gum, Tylenol, Pony tails,

            Bobby pins, Pins,  hairspray, lotion, etc.


Gold Bugs II:  (Baked goods/Snacks)

         Brownies or Cookie Packs      (individually packaged)   

         Rice Krispy Treats (individually packaged)        

         Fruit   (12 pieces)                                                     

         Granola Bars   (24)


Fast Track Purple:  (Hot Dogs)

         2 packages of at least 12 hot dog buns –                  Angela, Almasia, Kaylie

         2 packages of Hot Dogs                                            Sydney, Korynne, Maggie

        A box of assorted individually packaged chips      Rhianna, Olivia


Fast Track Silver:  (Baked Potatoes)

         Bag of baked potatoes                                              Cinai, Morgan

         2 large containers Sour Cream & Butter            Alivia, Sienna

         Bacon bits                                                        Anya, Brooklyn

         Shredded Cheese package                                Annika, Alona

Level 2/3  and Level 3:   (Waters & Soda)

Flavored Water  (Fruit 2 O)  18 pack                 Brooklyn A., Navaeh, Ayanna                  

          Gatorade    (18 pack)                                                Aniyah B, Sophia B., Rebecca D  

          Plain Water  (Two 24-packs)                       Alex D, Adriana, Nadia, Vanessa, Nora L.      

         Diet Coke (2 cases each)                              Mariyah, Emma M., Tania, Valentina, Norah T

         Coke (2 cases each)                                 Jordan S.,  Hailey T, Ryann, Brooke V

          Sprite (2 cases each)                              Abby B, Anneliese, Taylor T, Kamryn W

         Rootbeer (2 cases each)                    Ella J, Aaliyah, Vanesa K, Emma L., Jenna W


Level 4:   (Utensils/Etc)

         Plastic Forks & Spoons  (100 pieces)                 Sofia B, Ava C

         Dixie Plates  (100)                                            Kelsey E, Grace O.

         8 oz Cups  (100)                                               Erin L, Bradyn

        Napkins (2 big packages each)                                    Maeggan, Zoe F.

Level 5 and 6:  (Walking Tacos)

–       3 lbs of taco seasoned ground beef (cooked)-           Hattie, Mo C, Lili J, Izzie L.

–       2 large containers of Sour Cream  –                   Elie, Mileigh

4 large tomatoes chopped     –                         Jordan M, Natori

2 bags taco cheese       –                                   Camille, Eden, Maddie W.

2 Cans black Olives chopped                              Katherine, Lia

Level 7-10:  (Coaches/Judges Meals)

         Veggie Tray & Dip                                                      Glenna, India, Rose

         Spinach Dip & Chips                                          Emily G./Amy

         Fruit Tray & Dip                                                Erin, Crystal

         Soup or Crockpot meal (Sat Night)                   Heidi, Emily B

         Breakfast items    (Sun Morning)                     Anastasia, Emma S.

         Crockpot meal   (Sun Afternoon)                      Crystal, Khalizstall, Ashley

         Meals  ???                                                        Bella, Ava


Boys:   (Misc. items)

         Muffins and Cream Cheese                                Robert Michael, Max                      

         Donuts                                                             Henry F, Diego

         Coffee  (Starbucks or Alterra)                                    Ian

         Creamer & Sugar packets                                  Ethan

         Hot Chocolate packets                                     Myles, Bryce

         Gallon of 2% Milk & Orange Juice                     Reed         

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