Wildcard Cruise Classic Volunteer Sign Up Sheets Posted / Fundraiser Info.

The Wildcard Cruise Classic is coming up!  February 7 -10 we will need help with various tasks to set up, run, and tear down after the competition.  Remember, Wildcard does not have a Booster Club or Booster Club fees, so we really need your help to make this meet a success.  There are sign up sheets along the wall in the front office at the gym.  Please sign up for at least one time slot.  Even if your child is not competing in this meet, we still need your assistance.  Wildcard is known for its spectacular meets, so please help us keep our good reputation as a meet host!  Thanks so much for your support! 

Also, all participating team gymnasts will be getting Rite Bite Fundraising forms at practice or in their mailboxes if they aren’t here.  The plan is to have some of the Rite Bite Butter Braid pastries to sample tonight at practice (if Alie can actually manage to bake them).  The Butter Braid Pastries are amazing and come in six flavors – cherry, apple, cream cheese, bavarian cream, and raspberry.  The cost is only $12 / frozen pastry dough and they serve approximately 11 people.  We are asking that each team member help sell 12 items.  These make great desserts, sunday brunch treats, impressive holiday goodies, or even gifts!  You have until March 1st to return the orders (more sheets are available, if needed) and the items will be delivered on March 11 at Wildcard.  Again, this is our way to help raise money for new equipment, keep tuition costs low, and be able to offer fun activities / events to our team gymnasts.  Please help out by participating in the Rite Bite Butter Braid Fundraiser.  You can visit ritebitefundraising.com for more information about the products.  

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