Tentative Precision Athletics Meet Times (10/21-10/23)

Precision has not yet sent out an official roster yet, however, based on the number of registered gymnasts for each level, we believe these will be the times the girls will be competing. With this meet being in Oshkosh and some gymnasts competing on Friday, we wanted to get this out now so that you can have an idea of when your gymnast will be competing that weekend. The levels and times for each session are accurate, we are just waiting on confirmation of divisions for the athletes.

2022 Precision Athletics Superhero Invitational

Friday Oct 21, 2022 through Sunday Oct 23, 2022

2080 W 20th Ave, Oshkosh, WI 54904

Friday October 21, 2022

Session FR1

Level 2 Jr. A, B, C

Evelyn, Olive, Tessa, Jovie, Lily, Mia, Alana, Gabby M., Felicia, Lydia, Brooklyn, Sofia, Kenzie

Arrive 10:00 am Warm-Up 10:15 am March In: 10:30 am Awards: 12:00 pm

Session FR2

Level 2 Sr. A, B, C

Maggie, Clara, Makayla, Aubrey, Laila, Kendall, Lillian

Arrive 12:30 pm Warm-Up 12:45 pm March In: 1:00 pm Awards: 2:45pm

Session FR4

Level 5

Zoe, Kaylyn

Arrive 5:45 pm Warm-Up 6:00 pm March In: 6:15pm  Awards: 8:30 pm

Saturday October 22, 2022

Session SA1

Level 4 Jr. A and Jr. B

Iris, Nour, Gabby W.

Arrive 7:45 am Warm-Up 8:00 am March In: 8:15 am Awards: 10:45 am

Session SA2

Level 4 Jr. C and Jr. D


Arrive 11:30 am Warm-Up 11:30 am March In: 11:45 am Awards: 2:15 pm

Session SA3

Level 4 Sr. A and Sr. B


Arrive 2:45 pm Warm-Up 3:00 pm March In: 3:15 pm Awards: 5:45 pm

Session SA2

Level 4 Sr. C and Sr. D

Abby, Kamryn

Arrive 6:15 pm Warm-Up 6:30 pm March In: 6:45 pm  Awards: 9:15 pm

Sunday October 23, 2022

Session SU1

Level 3 Ch. A, B, C

Willa, Alexa, Faith, Isabela, Anabelle

Arrive 8:15 am Warm-Up 8:30 am March In: 8:45 am Awards: 11:30 am

Session SU3

Level 3 Sr. A, B, C

Lauren, Sophia, Honesty
Arrive 3:45 pm Warm-Up 4:00 pm March In: 4:15 pm Awards: 7:00 pm

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