Bows and Meet Etiquette

Check out these super cute bows available for $5!


Stock up while they are for sale. This is an excellent price for stacked bows. We recommend the ponytail holder style instead of the alligator clip. To purchase click here.

If your child prefers a single bun – purchase at least two. Purchase at least three for pig tails. Make sure you have a back up!


Please don’t call the host gyms to ask about changing sessions or when the times are coming out.

Do check GOOGLE MAPS for your location and travel times and give yourself an extra 20 mins.

Please arrive on time (early) for your session; gymnasts should be already dressed at the meet. Meet hair should be tightly pulled back, and if a pony tail/bun – make it high. Avoid using bobby pins. Definitely do hair when its wet or use gel and hairspray. Use little elastics to pull up bangs and wispys. Google gymnastics hair and you will get some good tutorials. Amy likes a bow or ribbon – something to make their hair look polished. See bows above. Please make sure hair bows/scrunchies MATCH the leotard colors. Nail polish is okay as long as it matches and looks nice (take off old chipped polish).

Never approach judges – if you have concerns about something talk to Amy. Do not come out on the competition floor. If you need something, text Amy. If there is an injury, wait until you are asked to come out.

Bring a water bottle and maybe a snack but gyms do not like the kids eating on their competition floor.

Bring your exhibition leotard as a backup in case something should happen to the competition leotard. Bring a bag to put your stuff in or parents should take clothes and shoes.

Text Amy if you are going to be late or if your child is sick.

Remind your gymnast about good sportsmanship- not everyone is going to get a medal! We are looking to score 8.5s or higher. 9s are awesome!

Ask questions if you are not sure.

Good luck!

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