Private Lessons…last chance

FYI this is the last really good weekend to schedule for Private Lessons. If your gymnast is still missing a skill or needs a little brush up on routines, please schedule a private now! Also – there has been no word about the Judge’s Critique yet and both Elmbrook and Tosa seem to have off that Friday of the Precision Meet in Oshkosh – so hopefully that helps.

Amy is offering a few on Sunday – times available 10 am, 11am, Noon, 1pm. 414-303-5195 (All)

Stephanie is offering on Saturday or Sunday – contact her for times. 414-248-6873 (Level 2 & 3)

Emily is offering a few on Sunday (between 10 and 1 pm) – 414-551-0590 (Level 2 & 3; L4 skills)

Sarah -contact for times 262-354-5510 (L2-4 routines/skills); possibly available before practice 3:30 p.m.

Aaliyah – contact for times 414-378-1823 (L2-5 routines/skills)

Aubrey – contact for times (gone until 8/29)

Rae – Sunday 10am-1 pm 414-807-2121

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